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  • My first Orchard widget

    When I first learnt ASP.NET I wrote a control for my website that told my visitors the weather I was currently experiencing. It was just a simple, fun project to help me learn. Now I’m using Orchard for my site I still want my visitors to know the weather I am experiencing. So this seemed like the ideal project for my first Orchard CMS module.
  • Starting work on OpenAuth module for Orchard CMS

    So I have thrown the Idea back and forth, and after deciding I wasn't going to do any work on Open ID for Orchard, I have changed my mind! So I have set up a new codeplex project called orchardopenauth (http://orchardopenauth.codeplex.com/).

    The first goal is to get an extensible Open ID implementation working inside of Orchard without having to change any of the Orchard base code.

    If anyone would like in.. give me a shout – Either by email or twitter (@NicholasMayne)

  • Upgrading from Orchard 0.5 to 0.8

    Orchard is an Open Source CMS being developed by Microsoft that uses .NET MVC. It’s still not officially released but I’ve been running this blog using it [since the alpha release in April /blog/running-on-alpha]. Every time a new version has come out I’ve planned to close my own blog and move the final posts over here. Version 0.5 felt really close to letting me do that, but there were a few show stoppers.

    Version 0.8 has just come out and I’ve just finished upgrading to it. All the show stoppers are gone and there are some really nice new features. I wouldn’t recommend it to a client just yet. It still needs some polish. By version 1.0, which is due to be released in January I think it’s going to be a very nice and easily extendable CMS.

  • A quick look at what's new in Orchard 0.8

    We shipped Orchard 0.8 on Monday and it’s the last release we will make before 1.0, which is scheduled for January 2011. We think it’s a pretty nice release in that it wraps up the UI story for the platform.
  • BlogML module for Orchard 0.8 CMS released

    I have finally released the upgraded version of the BlogML module for all you happy bloggers. This version is intended to work only on Orchard 0.8, but never fear, there is still the 0.5 version of this module kicking around on the codeplex website so you can export your blogs out in your own time.
  • Orchard Project 0.8 released–it’s time to dig in

    The Orchard Team has been hard at work and has just released 0.8.

    This is an exciting milestone because it means that both the extensibility and theming infrastructures are now in place.

    That means we can start building on Orchard and expect minimal changes when Orchard goes v1.

  • Orchard module development setup

    I’ve been now developing against Orchard for a while and with latest bits from Orchard dev branch everything is looking very good. My main problem has been with the setup of a development environment so that I can update to latest version of dev branch and still keep my own modules in their own source control repositories. I think I’ve found my ideal setup which I’ve used for couple of projects one of which is Syntax Highlighter for Orchard.

  • Taking a quick peek at Pre-Orchard v0.8

    Okay, So i couldn't wait. I haven't downloaded the source code in a while and thought why not take a peek around.

    I think the Orchard team has focused mainly on striping out their old theme engine to make place for the new old, and I have to say I am impressed. The new theme engine hangs off the work that the Razor boys have been doing along with support for WebMatrix – which is fantastic to see.

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