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  • Weekly Podcast 08/15/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status:

    o   0:12 - Fix taxonomy localization issue with fields (#7808).

    o   0:24 - Updates the placement editor screen to support moving shapes into tabs (#7795). Shared video's link: https://youtu.be/xNiSS6kI9bs .

    o   2:14 - Update WebRequest help with correct way to format JSON (#7761).

    o   2:33 - Adding Identity to ShapeMenuItem (#7790).

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   2:58 - Work on the 'users' branch.

    o   3:25 - Better preview features (#897).

    o   4:27 - Work on the 'fluid' branch.

    o   4:57 - Work on the 'bootstrap4beta' branch.

    o   5:14 - Adding support for media that are not images (#911).

    ·         Demo:

    o   6:00 - Updates on Media. Updating files that are not images.

    o   7:06 - Recipe updates. Renaming the default creatable content items.

    ·         Topics:

    o   9:49 - Which recipes should be shipped? Looking the Clean Blog Theme and talk about different themes and how we should create and use a few starting templates and for tutorial purposes. https://startbootstrap.com/

    o   15:45 - Porting themes.

    o   16:55 - Reusing or embedding static site generators. https://wyam.io/

    o   19:10 - Shipping 1.10.3.

  • Weekly Podcast 08/08/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status:

    o   0:14 - Remove IDisplayedContentItemHandler in favor of ICacheTagProvider (#7793).

    o   1:07 - Add Validation FolderName to generate valid url link (#7768).

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   1:44 - Work on the 'workflows' branch.

    o   2:07 - Media and Templates merged to master (#889).

    o   2:14 - Removing ; at the end of the call of $.ajax[(url: … in widgetslist.edit.js because it was causing an 'unexpected token' error.

    o   2:45 - Updating the 'fluidView' branch. - Remove "Orchard.Templates".

    o   3:26 - 'core2.0' branch. Fixed build of Appveyor Ci.

    ·         Demos:

    o   4:11 - Improvements on Media and Templates.

    o   7:45 - Preview. Improvement and review of the feature.

    o   24:03 - Editing the Page's Body Part's template and observing the changes with preview.

    ·         Topics:

    o   25:38 - Workplan for next week.

    o   27:14 - How Preview works.

  • Weekly Podcast 08/01/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status:

    o   0:12 - Fix Logger not showing url when exception occurs (#7782).

    o   0:24 - 'admin-theme' branch - Left Sidebar (#7774).

    o   0:40 - Fix for issue #7753 ( jQuery 'tooltip' confusion ), bug2. (#7764).

    o   0:53 - Exclude file from gulp (7786).

    ·         Topics:

    o   2:12 - Release of Orchard.Core Samples. What is it and what it can be used for.

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   5:20 - Work on the 'fluid' branch and the templates module.

    o   5:40 - Work on the 'media' branch. Finalizing it.

    o   6:03 - Work on the 'userstore' branch.

    o   6:35 - Adding missing services for multi-tenancy (#884).

    o   6:55 - Work on the 'templates' branch.

    ·         Demos:

    o   7:30 - Updates on Media module. The demo contains: updating images, creating Image Widget on a Flow Page, using Templates, creating Carousel Widget with a Bag Part, creating an Attachment Part.

    o   46:08 - Answering a question about the including of Media Profile.

    o   46:35 - Talk about learning Liquid, and the language's documentation inside the Orchard.Core module.

    o   49:25 - Creating a Liquid Page and talk about using Liquid in It.

    o   50:50 - Looking at the Media module's Readme.

    o   51:45 - Talk about the Bag.

    o   53:10 - Answering the following question: "What's rendered if both exist: Liquid or razor?"

    o   54:25 - Things to do in the Media in the future.

    ·         Topics:

    o   55:00 - Things to do before a release.

    o   55:49 - Quick look at the Roadmap.

  • Weekly Podcast 07/25/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   0:15 - Update on the 'netcore2.0' branch.

    o   1:15 - Working on the liquid view engine.

    o   1:34 - For testing also add the Template File Provider in RazorViewEngineOptions.

    o   2:22 - Auto watching module project razor files and static files (#806).

    o   2:36 - The 'theme' branch was merged to 'master. Talk about the errors that this merge caused and possible solutions.

    o   7:40 - More checking on a candidate template path + refactoring.

    o   7:55 - Use OpenIdSettings.Audiences as the default resources when no "resource" parameter is specified.

    o   8:23 - Combine AccessController.Authorize()/Accept()/Deny() into a single action to ensure the request is always fully validated.

    o   8:38 - Use SignInManager.CheckPasswordSignInAsync() instead of CanSignInAsync()/GetTwoFactorEnabledAsync()/IsLockedOutAsync()/CheckPasswordAsync().

    o   9:20 - Status update from Sébastien on what he is working on.

    o   10:10 - Status update on workfows from Nick.

    ·         Topics:

    o   14:00 - Discussion about the release. Main topics: Media , Localization, PR, bugfixes.

    o   17:57 - Temp data related question. The mentioned blogpost: http://www.intstrings.com/ramivemula/articles/cookie-based-tempdata-provider-in-asp-net-core/

  • Weekly Podcast 07/18/2017

    Meeting Notes:

    ·         Status on Orchard.Core:

    o   0:10 - Work on the fluid branch -  Refactoring and renaming ".fluid" to ".liquid".

    o   1:49 - Work on 'netcore2.0' branch.

    o   4:05 - Fixes Theme ordering (#867).

    ·         Topics:

    o   6:30 - Talk about the release of .Net Core 2.0 and its relevance to Orchard.Core release.

  • Creating an Instagram layout element for Orchard CMS

    A sweet feature in orchard is the layouts module, that lets you create complex page layouts from a drag and drop editor. It had also been well thought out with little extras. One is the ability to create layout elements, complete with configuration options, by simply creating the display shape in your theme. Let's give it a whirl.

  • Sending JSON from a WebRequest workflow activity in Orchard CMS

    An option for the web request workflow activity is to post your data as JSON. Cool. Unfortunately, due to how orchard evaluates tokens prior to the workflow activity execution, the JSON you enter will be lost. A question on stack overflow brought this issue up, and since I have nothing else to pollute the blogosphere with I'm just rehashing my answer on here.

  • Storing JSON in an Orchard workflow activity

    When Orchard executes a workflow activity, it evaluates any tokens stored in the data for that activity before sending it to the activity. Because JSON is recognised as a token by Orchard (both use curly braces!), Orchard will attempt to evaluate it, fail and replace it with an empty string. So in your activity, you will have nothing!

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