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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Custom Home Page Provider for Static Pages in Orchard

    Orchard is built with a home page provider pattern so that you can say this content item is the home page. The problem is if your homepage is something that doesn't exist as a content item.. i.e. a static page.
  • A 7 part tutorial on project Orchard based on the latest change set

    Over the weekend I created a tutorial to create a module inside project Orchard. I referred to the original walkthrough found inside project Orchard’s website. The original walkthrough was created for the March 2010 release of project orchard and I have modified the codes and steps so that it will work with the latest change.
  • Making menus in Orchard a little better

    After keeping an eye on the Orchard forums and then doing some work on a clients website that has been implemented in Orchard, I soon became one of those people needing a decent menu. So, I thought to myself, well what does orchard have that I can use, after all?
  • How Orchard works

    I just finished writing a long documentation topic on the Orchard project wiki that aims at being a good starting point for developers who want to understand the architecture, structure and general philosophy behind the Orchard CMS.

    It is not required reading for anyone who only wants to write Orchard modules and themes but hopefully it will help people who want to evaluate the platform and start writing patches.

    Read it here:

  • Multi-Tenancy in ASP.NET MVC with IoC

    Speeding up StackExchange is a good example of the motive and benefits to running multiple sites out of one instance of an ASP.NET app domain. Update: Another good description is at Multi-tenancy in ASP.NET MVC - Why do we want it?
  • RSS feeds in Orchard

    When we added RSS to Orchard, we wanted to make it easy for any module to expose any contents as a feed. We also wanted the rendering of the feed to be handled by Orchard in order to minimize the amount of work from the module developer.

  • Orchard CMS – Simple Profile Package

    I started to do some work on profiles for a site we were building at work, and then we decided to jump ship on to Orchard. While Profiles haven't really been asked for as a requirement at work, i noticed the Orchard team have it on there back log.
  • Extending NHibernate data with one-to-optional relationships

    It’s been said that ninety percent of the time you think there is a one-to-one relationship in NHibernate it’s really a many-to-one. I’ll agree with that. But this post is about one of the ten-percent cases when a single entity spans several table schemas.
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