Orchard's localization management is hosted on an external service (Crowdin), the project is avaiable for the public and contributions are welcome!

How to contribute

  • Register on Crowdin.
  • Go to the project page of Orchard CMS and Orchard CMS Gallery and apply to join the project.
  • Your application will be accepted shortly and you'll be added to the project as "Proofreader" for the selected languages. This means that you'll be able to edit and approve translations (which is necessary for the translated strings to be included in the downloadable packages).
  • If you are new to the Orchard translations, please consult with other translators of the same language and make sure you follow the same conventions.

Receive updates

Downloadable packages

Orchard's translations are stored in the form of PO-files in packages, that you can add to your own Orchard instance. These packages are regenerated at the beginning of every hour (the process takes 2-3 minutes). Please visit the project home page on Crowdin to see the progress of the translations for each language.

You can download all the translations for each language for both projects: Orchard CMS, Orchard CMS Gallery.

Applying translations

  • Download the appropriate package from the table below.
  • Extract or open the downloaded .zip file.
    • Source package: Drop the contents of the "Source" folder onto the "Orchard.Web" folder of your Orchard instance. Do the same for the "Deprecated" folder as well if you need the translations for the deprecated modules as well.
    • Gallery package: Browse the to the "Gallery\Modules" or "Gallery\Themes" folder and drop the folders of the extensions you'd like to have localized onto the "Orchard.Web\Modules" or "Orchard.Web\Themes" folder of your Orchard instance.

The individual downloadable packages for each language are the following:

LanguageCulture codeSource packageGallery package
Afrikaans af-ZA link link
Arabic, Egypt ar-EG link link
Belarusian be-BY link link
Bosnian bs-BA link link
Bulgarian bg-BG link link
Chinese Simplified zh-CN link link
Chinese Traditional zh-TW link link
Croatian hr-HR link link
Czech cs-CZ link link
Danish da-DK link link
Dutch nl-NL link link
Dutch, Belgium nl-BE link link
English, Australia en-AU link link
English, United Kingdom en-GB link link
Finnish fi-FI link link
French fr-FR link link
French, Canada fr-CA link link
Frisian fy-NL link link
German de-DE link link
Greek el-GR link link
Hebrew he-IL link link
Hindi hi-IN link link
Hungarian hu-HU link link
Indonesian id-ID link link
Italian it-IT link link
Japanese ja-JP link link
Klingon tlh-AA link link
Korean ko-KR link link
Latin la-LA link link
Lithuanian lt-LT link link
Macedonian mk-MK link link
Norwegian Bokmal nb-NO link link
Persian fa-IR link link
Polish pl-PL link link
Portuguese pt-PT link link
Portuguese, Brazilian pt-BR link link
Romanian ro-RO link link
Russian ru-RU link link
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr-Cyrl-RS link link
Serbian (Latin) sr-Latn-RS link link
Slovak sk-SK link link
Slovenian sl-SL link link
Spanish es-ES link link
Spanish, Argentina es-AR link link
Spanish, Mexico es-MX link link
Spanish, United States es-US link link
Swedish sv-SE link link
Tamil ta link link
Thai th-TH link link
Turkish tr-TR link link
Ukrainian uk-UA link link
Vietnamese vi-VN link
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