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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Background tasks in Orchard

    As I was implementing a module that consumes a YouTube feed today, I came across a need to have a background process running to periodically check our YouTube feed to see if any new videos have been added and create content items for them for admin approval in the back-end. After a little research I discovered the IBackgroundTask interface that did just the trick.

  • Using custom settings in Orchard, Part 1: Site settings

    Sometimes you may need to persist some global settings (eg. license code, service login, default width etc.) to be reused across your module. Orchard makes it really simple and in this article I'll show you how to do it.

  • Orchard Indexing

    There is already an existing documentation section on this exact topic in the official Orchard website, at http://www.orchardproject.net/docs/Search-and-indexing.ashx. Though, this only covers the site administrator and user experience, to setup and use the search engine. What it doesn't cover is how it works internally and how developers can reuse it, or customize the search experience. And believe me, it's great!

    This post provides details on the Indexing implementation and usage. Next one will focus on querying the index, and customizing the search experience.

  • Caching items in Orchard

    Orchard has its own caching API that while built on top of ASP.NET's caching feature adds a couple of interesting twists.

    In addition to its usual work, the Orchard cache API must transparently separate the cache entries by tenant but beyond that, it does offer a more modern API.

  • Using the Hierarchical menu Orchard module

    Many of you asked me to provide the explanation of how to use the hierarchical menu module. As the new release arrived I took all features together and wrote this short tutorial. Also, I’d like to thank the community for the info about the ordering issue – I’ve managed to fix it in the recent version.

  • New version of Orchard Hierarchical Menu just released

    I’ve just published a new version of the Hierarchical menu module to the Orchard Gallery. At last! This release features many bugfixes and new, highly demanded features (breadcrumbs, menu widget, “recently seen” widget). The module can be downloaded from within Orchard or directly from the Orchard Gallery.

  • Rewrite Module

    Recently, after the release of the first public version of Orchard, I have created a bunch of modules as external contributions, even though I am in the core team. And actually the whole team has released some contributed modules.

    So far, I have released 12 modules on the gallery, some of them being co-authored with other team members. But the issue is that apart from a link to the source code and a simple name, you don’t have any hint on what it is supposed to do. There is a documentation page though on www.codeplex.com</a> for each of them, but I am lazy, so I figured it could be easier to provide at least a blog post to explain the overall goals and usage for those modules.

  • Orchard Shape Wizardry

    While working on my employer's new website, we discovered that we had a need that didn't seem to fit into the Widget system for Orchard. Several places throughout our site, we need to be able to trigger the creation of a shape from a template, but have that shape populated with data through a controller of sorts. After a lengthy discussion with Bertrand Le Roy (who is ever so helpful), I stumbled upon the solution that we were looking for: IShapeTableProvider.

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