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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Orchardizer Version 0.3.2 released

    A small update to announce that you can now create 1.10 modules and themes from Orchardizer.

    Get the latest version here!

  • Another Orchard Visual Studio extension released

    A long time ago you had to write Orchard code by hand, like cavemen. Then the era of code-writing code came when Orchardizer was released. Now we add our own take on an Orchard developer's Visual Studio extension, introducing Lombiq Orchard Visual Studio Extension with an enterprise-level long name!

  • Authenticated User - Layout Snippet

    Snippets are Layout Elements that you can drag n drop into the layout canvas. You add them to the Views folder of your theme and they have to end with Snippet.cshtml. Layout Snippets it's one of my favourites features of Orchard.  

  • Project Requirements for the New Orchard Website

    To help achieve the projects objectives and goals, the project must meet certain criteria. These requirements can be seen as “Success Factors” or “Victory Conditions” in which the project can be measured.

  • Humanising our Audience with Personas

    Personas are essentially fictional characters that represent the different user types that use our website. I'm not a huge fan of personas as they are one-dimensional and can be misleading, for example, our first persona represents a Developer but our 'Creator' group could also be a designer for example. With that said, they do a good job of humanising our audience and communicating the types of user we need to cater for, which can help keep the user in mind when designing the site.

  • Convert Orchard messages to Toastr notifications with JavaScript

    Orchard messages appear as text messages in the Messages Zone. But sometimes we need something fancier than a simple text.

  • Comparing CMS Vendor Websites

    This is the third in a series of posts where I'm blogging my approach in the redevelopment the Orchard CMS website. In this post we'll look at what the other CMS vendors are doing with their websites and analyse the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Export Form Submissions to CSV with JavaScript

    Orchard 1.10 gives you the opportunity to export Contents and Form Submissions to XML with the built-in module Import Export. If you want to change this functionality, you have to create a module that will export to CSV. But there is a quicker way with my best friend JavaScript. 

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