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  • Messaging, Channels, Rules and Tokens - Part 3

    This is the 3rd part in a series of Orchard Module Development where we will be building a custom module that enables the user to create message templates that integrate with Rules and Tokens.

  • Weekly Podcast 05/28/2013

    Meeting notes:


    • bug fixes
    • Triage: 21 new proposed; 171 active on 1.7
    • Orchard.OutputCache now integrated as well as all caching infrastructure. Memcached modules go to the gallery.

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  • Adding ReCaptcha to 1.6

    The image on my home page has been true the past couple of weeks as I've been battling SPAM on my blog comments like a super hero! This morning I deleted near 80 SPAM comments that were selling Prada handbags and Jimmy Chu shoes (wrong audience to SPAM with that kind of material guys). It was enough to prompt me to look into adding some sort of SPAM protection. Sebastien over at Orchard suggested ReCaptcha, but wasn't sure you could do it in v1.6. He was both right and wrong with statement. While it's not easily done by installing a module or adding a Part to a Type, it was possible by doing a little custom programming.

  • Concept Of Dynamics CRM

    The purpose of this article is to introduce a portal solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM; The concept can be used on other business software + portal, such as ERP, SCM etc.

  • Custom Ad System Using WebAPI And MVVM Part 1

    One of my customers wanted a very simple ad system. He wants to be able to publish ads via web, so they'll be reflected in his iOS native app built on top of Xamarin.iOS and MvvmCross. In this series of two posts, I'll be talking about how to expose custom Orchard's manager content via WebApi and take it from a client built with MvvmCross. So the first part, this post, is about the server side and soon I'll publish the client side.

  • Weekly Podcast 05/21/2013

    Meeting notes:


    • data migrations running transactionally now
    • manage query permission
    • fixed placement editor
    • server garbage collection by default
    • applying the right permissions on blogs and widgets
    • the webforms engine is gone (but the support for other view engines is still there)
    • ... and more bug fixing


    • 213 active for 1.7, 12 proposed before triage. 221 after.
    • Some of the non-critical issues will be fixed in 1.7.1, releasing a few weeks after 1.7

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  • Content Part Development Checklist

    Here's a high-level checklist you can run through so you don't forget anything when building content parts...

  • Media Manager And Image Editor In 1.7

    Orchard 1.7 contains a new media manager as well as a number of features to help process and edit media within Orchard. All of this is still in development, but I am seeing new built-in media content types like Audio, Document, Image, and Video; Image Editor and Image Profile content types to edit images and process images; a Media Location Term to integrate media into the Taxonomy Module; Media Libraries that allow you to logically group media that appears in your media storage; new Content Parts that allow you to add libraries and galleries to other content types, like Pages and Blog Posts; and a more user-friendly interface supporting drag-and-drop of media within your Media Libraries. This is a lot of new media management features in Orchard 1.7 to take in at one time, so let's start simple and look at the Image Editor.

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