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  • OrchardProject + WebApi = interesting

    Orchard is really cool for CMS solutions, however, I am learning more about dependency injection, inversion of control, etc, and what I see in orchard is very interesting.

    Asp.net mvc does well to de-couple pieces of the application when it comes to handling routes, but something is still missing. With asp.net mvc, you have to deploy these pieces along with the application, and perhaps discover them with mef, autofac, etc, but what about updates? If you wanted to update your modules, you have to FTP them to the application root, and re-write the dlls.

    Is there an easier way to deploy updates, what about an application that could update itself?

  • Custom Orchard Tumblr Theme

    I created a new theme for Orchard that allows me to blog text, photos, quotes, links, audio, and videos like Tumblr. I have always been a fan of Tumblr, but as a web developer I like the idea of creating my own blog and website. And as an Orchard CMS Developer, I couldn't resist customizing Orchard such that it would provide me the Tumblr-like experience using an Orchard Blog.

  • Blog Post Created on Date and Time

    I have been blogging a lot of tutorials lateley on Orchard CMS and the new features in Orchard 1.3. In particular, I have created Orchard blog posts on Markdown Support for Pages, Blog Posts and Content Authoring, Previewing Unpublished Blog Posts and Pages in Orchard 1.3Deleting Content Types in Orchard 1.3, and recently the new Title Part and ITitleAspect in Orchard 1.3. Recently I have noticed my blogging habits changing. In the past I would complete a blog post start to finish and either publish it immediately or schedule it to be published later. Once that blog posts was published, I would create a new blog post in Orchard and continue the cycle. Recently, however, I have started writing 3 or 4 blog posts simultaneously and finishing / publishing them at different times and not necessarily in the order I created them. Because of this, I have learned to love the Created On Date and Time Editor for Blog Posts and other Content Types in Orchard CMS.

  • Content Types With Title Part and ITitleAspect in Orchard 1.3

    I've been having fun discovering and using the new features in Orchard 1.3. Three features presented so far include: Markdown Support for Pages, Blog Posts, and other Content Items in Orchard, Delete Content Types in Orchard 1.3  as well as the ability to Preview Blog Posts, Pages, and other Content Types in Orchard. Another new feature in Orchard 1.3 that will be appreciated by Orchard Developers is the new Title Part and ITitleAspect Interface to help add titles to Content Type Items when displayed in the Orchard Dashboard, etc. This new feature is subtle, but if you've been developing numerous Custom Orchard Modules with Custom Types that did not use the Route Part in Orchard, you have no doubt stumble upon the fact that your Content Type Items were displayed by the name of the Content Type in the Admin Summary ( as an example ) as opposed to something more useful. Let's dive into these subtle, but very useful, Title Part and ITitleAspect in Orchard 1.3. Don't forget to also view my other Orchard Tutorials.

  • Migrating a Blog from WordPress to Orchard

    I'm working on a replacement for this blog. I'm going to migrate to Orchard CMS, mostly to learn that content management system. This has been a pleasant experience so far. Before I can release my new blog I need to move all my content from Wordpress to Orchard CMS. Someone (not me) should really think about writing a module to make this a pleasant journey. I did this manually, because I only expect to do it once.

  • Delete content types in Orchard 1.3

    I've been writing a number of Orchard Tutorials documenting new features in Orchard 1.3. The first tutorial described how to author blog posts and pages using the new Markdown Support in Orchard 1.3. The second tutorial demonstrated the new preview feature in Orchard 1.3 for previewing draft and unpublished blog posts and pages before publishing them to the world. Now I want to talk about a new feature in Orchard 1.3 that allows Orchard web developers, Orchard web designers, and Orchard administrators to delete content types from Orchard. As you begin to develop and install content types in Orchard either through the Administrative UI or via custom Orchard Modules you may want to delete these content types when no longer in use. In Orchard 1.3 you can now do this just as you are able to create and modify content types within Orchard.

  • Customizing the Orchard Culture Picker

    The Orchard Culture Picker module is a great way to allow users to switch the culture they wish to view your site in. It takes the cultures you enabled in the settings for Orchard and places them in a dropdown for users to select their culture. This is all great but what if you don't want to have a dropdown? Below is an example of a custom implementation by overriding the Culture Picker in my theme.

  • MailChimp Orchard Module

    Back in November 2010 MailChimp announced their One Million Integration Fund. They were offering pots of money to people using their API to integrate with their product. It was early days for me and my new client working on Pianola, but we both loved MailChimp and thought it could be something that would help us out.

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