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  • Easy Content Templates, Take 2

    Placement.info is an XML file that orchestrates the different parts of a content item and sends each of the shapes they create into specific local content zones. If the previous sentence sounded confusing to you, fear not, this post is for you.

  • Weekly Podcast 2/12/2013

    • Demo by Damien Clarke: Deployment module with improved identity infrastructure; separation of import batch in smaller 10 item batches; subscriptions, scheduled and automatic deployments between instances, based on content types or queries. Questions and suggestions about security (ability to restrict what can be imported with a white list of types), and about workflow integration.
    • Hack-a-thon: March 28th.
    • Event bus and token evaluation: Piotr is opening a bug so we revise the reliance of token providers on the event bus.
    • Zoltan demoed a much better version of what he demo'ed last week: now you can copy an item with a click of a button. To do: handle permalink so it creates a new one. Also call the action "Clone" and put it with other actions on the right. Let's put that in core... https://contentcopy.codeplex.com/
    • Nick showed simultaneous editing of the same item by two users through SignalR. Only patch diffs travel on the wire. This actually creates drafts on the server, so you also get auto-save out of this.
    • AMC has a new theme http://www.amctheatres.com/
    • Sébastien merged clayless into 1.x; made pager and list shapes extremely easy to theme.
    • Sébastien announced faceted search API, will demo next week with Taxonomies. It will work with full-text as well.
    • Sébastien updated the content picker so you can specify at the field level what tabs you want, and you can specify what types to filter on.
    • Sébastien added a Shape menu item that will render the shape you specify as a menu item.
    • Sébastien added a layer rule with the type of the content item being displayed in the main content zone.
    • Sébastien is adding a shape widget type to simplify the scenario described in http://weblogs.asp.net/bleroy/archive... Maybe could be simplified to a shape part, across that menu item, widget, etc.
    • Let's do a demo of all those next week.

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  • Weekly Podcast 2/5/2013

    • Summer of code. Example: ad management. Please contact Bertrand if you're interested in participating, mentoring or contributing ideas of topics.
    • Translation tool owner: new owner needed, please contact Bertrand if interested. Benedek expressed interest.
    • Demo: workflow, by Sébastien. New redesigned toolbox; branching and merging operations; seeing workflow instance status.
    • Demo: Benedek showed Wolf.LoggedInUsers, a new module that shows currently logged in users. https://orchardloggedinusers.codeplex...
    • Demo: Zoltán showed a templated item module. This initializes new items with contents from a "template" item. https://contenttemplates.codeplex.com/
    • Announcement: Responsive Pretty Good Base Theme by Zoltán https://responsivepgbt.codeplex.com/
    • Announcement: Ylan announced the launch of http://www.johnvarvatos.com
    • Triage, which we need to continue next week.

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  • Developer Cheat Sheet Updated

    Sébastien's very handy cheat sheet for orchard module and theme developers and designers has been updated. It's an invaluable resource for all of us.

  • Creating Simple Custom Widgets

    If you want to create a simple widget in Orchard, such as a box of social links, you have three possibilities:

    1. Find a module on the gallery or write one yourself, but there is overhead associated with modules, which may make this overkill.
    2. Use an HTML widget and paste a bunch of HTML and Javascript, hoping administrators of the site don’t break it accidentally. I don’t like this, it feels like a hack.
    3. Create a simple widget, following the instructions in this post.
  • Orchard University Subject Starting In February

    We're happy to announce something that some of you (those who attend/watch the weekly community meetings) may already know: as tutors, we'll begin the first official university subject built around Orchard at the Óbuda University in February. The participants will start by exploring ASP.NET MVC and then dive deep into Orchard module and theme development.

  • Weekly Podcast 1/29/2012

    This week, we had a new fantastic demo of the workflow feature planned for Orchard 1.7, and then we did triage. The untriaged bug count is still above 100. We need to renew our efforts every week.

  • WebAPI Global Action Filters And Dependency Injection

    Today I had the privilege of trying out the new WebApi feature in Orchard, which as you may know is new as of Orchard 1.6.

    Personally I think this is a very exciting addition, as it allows us to expose Orchard services as well as our own services via a RESTful API to the outside world.

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