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  • Rendering Alternates For Your Ad-hoc Shapes

    If you start building very customized websites with Orchard CMS you will soon realize you need to be able to render shapes differently in different zones. You have options when the shapes differ by page, by using display alternates and modules such as Url Alternates. These can get you only so far.

  • Importing Your Old WordPress Posts Into Orchard

    In one form or another, I have had a Wordpress self hosted blog for the better part of 8+ years. Whether it was this blog (started September 2007), a family blog (no longer running), or other blogs; simply I have been using Wordpress for a very long time. Truth be told, Wordpress is simply the best blogging platform out there, but I want to move past simply blogging and learn to build websites. Since I cannot code in PHP beyond simple editing, I decided to leverage what I can do basic coding in .NET and learn ASP.NET.

  • Moving Tenants Across Orchard Instances

    A few days ago I was facing the task of "merging" two Orchard instances (both of them containing two tenants) into one. As a matter of fact I thought I was looking forward to a raging storm of errors but it turned out to be quite simple. There are two basic rules you must keep in mind:

    • There must always be a tenant with the name "Default" (just like a Stark in a Winterfell),
    • and tenant names must be unique.

    Aside from those it's fairly easy.

  • Logging database SQL queries

    It is often useful to see what database queries were made during a specific request in Orchard. There are quite a few ways to do this (you can trace right from SQL Server, or you can use Mini-Profiler for instance), but this morning Sébastien showed me a really easy one that I thought I’d share.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/02/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Orchardproject.net redesign + theme contest: need to have content first. We could have a Default theme category and a project site category.
    • .NET 4.5: voted unanimously in favor of the motion. 1.7 will be 4.5 only
    • Harvest: Ylan reached to local communities to get some promotion on local sites.
    • Zoltán demo: Associativity graph management.
    • Sipke demo: content item widgets through WidgetContainerPart. Suggestion from Sébastien: move to tabs once available.
    • Sébastien demo: media manager progress. Upload library had to be changed because of a change of license to GPL. The new one is MIT. New on line image editor integrated in media management.
    • Triage: 67 proposed before triage. 42 after triage. 135 active bugs in 1.7.

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  • Weekly Podcast 3/20/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • Reusing bits and pieces of Orchard: headless Orchard is one example, where the data is not exposed as a site but as services and data. Should we do it? Is there anything that we need to do at all? Is there anyone doing it already?
    • Status: there is a migration from the Core_Content_MenuItemPart to the Content.ContentPicker module, getting rid of a circular dependency. Moved to new version of Autofac. Fixed a URL prefix bug. Fixed a limitation of Rules.
    • Work on Media Manager: demo with cats and dogs. Migration path from the current media manager adds a media storage menu entry in the admin on existing instances. Showed web search import provider.
    • It's using Knockout, which is not a prescription for other modules at this point. Should we have resource definitions for mainstream libraries?
    • Let's move existing libraries that we use today (tagit, hierarchical drag&drop, knockout, etc.) into a new module (name TBD: Scripts, ClientLibraries, Resources, Assets?) with new manifests.
    • Piotr demo: Redis + SignalR + Orchard
    • Triage: 103 proposed before. 77 after, 144 active on 1.7.

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  • Content Picker Has Type Filtering

    The content picker is an incredibly useful field in Orchard CMS. When it first came out, however, it did not filter on content types which led me to creating my own Content Picker in Orchard CMS With Content Type Filtering and Search. In the upcoming release of Orchard 1.7 we now have content type and part filtering built into the content picker which I will now show in this Orchard CMS Tutorial. Check out my other Orchard 1.7 Tutorials, including the new Shape Link for Orchard Menus and Content Type Layer Rule.

  • Orchard On Azure

    If you’d like to run Orchard on Windows Azure then you have two options. The easiest is to use a Windows Azure Website. Orchard can also be run as a Windows Azure Cloud Service and will store media files in blob storage if it’s running in this mode.

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