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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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Recent Posts and Articles

  • The Orchard Handler Model

    Over the past month I have gotten intimately familiar with the Orchard project. One thing that jumped out at me was how handlers are associated with content items. In short, they are not. Every enabled content-handler is given the opportunity to handle every content-handler-method for every content-item. When an Orchard event is invoked, it is the responsibility of the handler to look at the content item and ask the question, "can I handle this", if not return.

  • Reporting Live From Orchard Harvest - Part III

    Module development how-to, localization and QnA

  • Reporting Live From Orchard Harvest - Part II

    Sébastien's session has finished. After that we were introduced to a few modules that were developed by Orchard community members with help and consultation of core developers. Then we heard some information about upcoming Orchard versions.

  • Reporting Live From Orchard Harvest - Part I

    The first conference of the Orchard CMS, Orchard Harvest 2012 has begun! We're very excited, since this really is a great day for us and for Orchard too, not mention that we'll be presenters on the next (second) day.

  • Harvest Orchard Developer Conference

    Packing my bags and heading to Santa Monica, California for the first ever Harvest Orchard CMS Conference. Orchard Harvest is focused on the Orchard CMS Developer, delivering a wide-range of topics on creating Orchard Themes, developing Orchard Modules, as well as learning best practices and tips and techniques for Orchard Website Development. Lots of really cool topics bundled into a two-day Orchard Developer Event in beautiful Santa Monica, California.

  • WebMatrix 2 With Orchard Dashboard Links

    Microsoft WebMatrix 2 was just released and now Orchard CMS Developers have the pleasure of Orchard CMS Dashboard Links and Buttons within WebMatrix 2. These features help one navigate to the Orchard Administration Dashboard, add Orchard Modules and Themes, and participate in the Orchard CMS Community!

  • Insider's Look At Shapes And Templates

    Orchard is a CMS that has a lot of power in a very nimble package. It’s only a couple of megabytes in size, but houses a huge amount of flexibility. Especially when you start working with shapes and templates. For me, this part of Orchard is the thing you need to understand properly to get full power out of it.

    In this post I’m going to show you what’s going on inside Orchard when you ask for a piece of content and render it in one or more templates you defined in your theme or module.

  • Creating An Exact Duplicate Of An Orchard Site

    So I recently had a bucket of issues trying to duplicate an Orchard CMS site. For some, this is a somewhat standard thing, but I failed at it… Hard. Here’s some basic things you should probably check if you’re having issues when trying to duplicate an OrchardCMS site.

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