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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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  • Mobile Development With Firefox 15 And Responsive Mode

    Firefox is releasing really cool CSS features in Firefox 15. One of the features, Responsive Mode, can be appreciated by mobile developers building responsive websites for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Responsive mode allows mobile web developers to view the various media query layouts without resizing the actual browser window.

  • Download Modules And Themes Via WebMatrix 2 NuGet Gallery

    Microsoft had several important announcements this past week. The main announcements was the new and improved Windows Azure and its support for Web Sites. As an FYI, I created a quick tutorial on Installing Orchard CMS as an Azure Web Site. Another announcement was the release of WebMatrix 2 RC, which includes a lot of neat features including node.js support; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#, and jQuery Code Completion; iPhone and Windows Phone Emulators, etc. I'll talk about those WebMatrix 2 features another time. Right now I wanted to mention the ability to download and install Orchard Modules and Themes via the WebMatrix 2 NuGet Gallery support!

  • Installing Orchard CMS As An Azure Web Site

    Microsoft unveiled some really cool features for Windows Azure today, and one of them is the new Web Sites Feature allowing you to start small and create up to 10 free websites in a shared environment on Azure with the ability to painlessly scale each website to a reserved capacity later. In addition to creating websites from scratch, Azure has an option to install selected applications from its gallery. As it so happens, Orchard CMS is in the Azure App Gallery and can be installed in minutes, complete with full support for downloading modules and themes from the Orchard Gallery and easy management from WebMatrix. Here are the highlights for installing Orchard CMS on Windows Azure and setting up WebMatrix with Web Deploy.

  • Digicommentary on Orchard

    The term ‘Web 2.0’ first appeared around the turn of the century when websites started to become more than just simple pages with text and a few images. It was the start of the interactive web; when social networks, blogs, online auctions and all kinds of e-commerce websites, that are now key to everyday life, were born.

    After the release of StoryServer, which is widely known as the first web content management system (CMS), the popularity of the web was boosted even further. These days, just about anyone with minimal computer and web knowledge is able to put together a basic website with rich content and dynamic user interaction without too much hassle.

    One of the modern CMSs we use at Digicon is Orchard. It’s an open source, community focused project aimed at delivering high quality and reusable modules that is based on Microsoft’s ASP.Net MVC 3 framework. It not only provides a user friendly content administration interface, but also assists developers in the delivery of high quality, well tested software products.

  • Orchard 1.4.2 is available for download

    Orchard 1.4.2 is a service release that fixes bugs in 1.4 and 1.4.1. The list of bugs fixed in this release can be found here:
    Bugs fixed in 1.4.2 

    Please consult our release notes here:

    Orchard 1.4.2 can be downloaded from Codeplex today, and soon from WebPI:

  • Themes And HTML Helper For Accessing The Current Theme Folder

    As an Orchard Developer there are times you need to access an asset within the current Orchard Theme Folder from a view. Since the current Orchard Theme can be easily changed by the Orchard Administrator on the fly, you obviously can't hardcode a path. You need some way of programmatically determining the path to the current Orchard Theme. As with most things in Orchard, there is an HTML Helper for that.

  • Download Orchard 1.4.1

    The Orchard Developer Team released Orchard 1.4.1 on May 4, 2012. Orchard 1.4.1 is a maintenance release and fixes/closes at least 57 bugs/work items and has all the new features from Orchard 1.4, including: Autoroute and Alias, Projector Module, and numerous new field types. In addition to those main features in Orchard 1.4, there are numerous other changes like Custom 404 Error and Not Found Pages in Orchard, displaying edit and content links in Orchard, Orchard datamigration classes automatically being updated, and more.

  • How To Create Custom Forms With Email And Recaptcha

    Ah forms, the bane of a web developer's existence! That and trying to get IE to play nice with your CSS of course. Forms should be easy right? But they're just consistently tricky enough to build from scratch each time and most web developers simply end up keeping a stash of templates handy that they can just reuse.

    Well, this tutorial aims to show you how to create reusable forms inside the Orchard CMS back-end made up of the already reusable components built into the core of Orchard. Not only does it take away the pain and drudgery of having to create and test forms in HTML code, but also, should you require, you can dip down to "the metal" in places where you require more control.

    We'll cover all of these things here while building a form with the upcoming Orchard Custom Forms module, adding it to the site as both its own landing page, or a widget you would like to plugin to numerous pages, followed by hooking it up with the Orchard Rules module to fire an email out the door based on the rich extensible eventing all built in. Oh, and we'll throw in a bit about permissions as well to show you that security is not an afterthought.

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