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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Future Orchard part 2: More Tokens

    Before I show some more advanced features of Tokens, I should probably say a word about why exactly we think we need this feature. In a CMS, there are many places where you need to build strings from some static but configurable part and a number of values that come from the environment. In the first post in this series, I used the rather silly example of Mad Libs because I thought it was a fun and light-hearted way of explaining the technology. But obviously we are not building the feature to play silly word games, we are building it because we need it to build other cool stuff.

  • Orchard 2.0 Roadmap Discussion

    Several of you have asked us to provide some info about our roadmap and what we are planning for Orchard 2.0. The dust has not settled on the design board yet, but we are ready to start sharing some of that stuff.

  • Future Orchard part 1: Introducing Tokens

    After a long phase of cleanup on the new Orchard 2.0, we are now busy designing new features. We are focusing on a few foundational pieces, and on enabling e-commerce on top of the platform. In this post, I'm going to expose the basics of the preliminary design for one new foundational piece: Tokens.

  • New Orchard module: remote pages

    If managing pages in Orchard with a blog publishing app that supports static page management like Windows Live Writer (WLW) then grab Remote Pages from the Orchard Gallery and let me know how it works for you.

  • CoffeeScript and Orchard module development

    Spice up your Orchard CMS Development with a little CoffeeScript! CoffeeScript is a small language that compiles to JavaScript and is often easier to write and read compared to JavaScript. When you are developing Orchard Modules that require custom JavaScript go ahead and write the code in CoffeeScript and take advantage of a free Visual Studio 2010 Plugin that compiles the CoffeeScript to JavaScript for you!

  • Orchard CMS available in Italian

    Summer, the period when holidays and open source contributions happen.

    This July I’m very happy to announce that I completed the localization to Italian of Orchard CMS. I started it in March, and with many breaks, this weekend I completed the first “quality” version of the translation file, up to date with Orchard latest version 1.2, and it is now available among the official translations of Orchard.

  • Creating a Google+1 part and custom module

    Earlier we mentioned how we upgraded our Orchard Website to Version 1.2. At the same time we added Google +1 and Twitter Icons to Orchard blog posts by modifying the shapes that compose a blog post. In that post we mentioned that modifying the shapes was only 1 way to add social networking icons to Orchard blog posts and developers could certainly create custom Orchard Content Parts and Widgets to do the same thing. Well, in this series of blog posts we will show you how to create a simple Google +1 Content Part in a custom Orchard Module to display Google +1 Buttons on your Orchard Pages, Blog Posts, and other Content Types!

  • Adding Google+1 and Twitter social networking links

    While we were performing the upgrade to Orchard 1.2 we made a few simple changes to the website. One of the more notable changes is the addition of the Google +1 and Twitter Badges. While one can certainly build Orchard Modules, Widgets, and Parts to display social networking links in Orchard, often it can be so much easier to just override a shape!

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