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  • Configuring Distributed Signals For Webfarms

    In this short post, Carl introduces the Webmoco.Orchard.Azure.DistributedSignals module.

  • Weekly Podcast 11/6/2012

    • Sébastien made a demo of the new commenting and anti-spam features that are already in 1.x
    • We did triage on about 38 bugs (27 are assigned to 1.7 after triage)
    • Threads have been created for 1.7 feature teams to start working: http://orchard.codeplex.com/discussions/402154

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  • Weekly Podcast 10/30/2012

    Meeting notes:

    • 1.6: Sébastien shipped this weekend and updated to solve the Dynamic Compilation issue
    • 1.7: organize content in tabs, blog theme, custom layout, media management and processing, taxonomies in core, localization improvements are now in Trello. Adding workflow, calendar / events, inline editing, content deployment, versioning (incl. widgets), comment refactoring
    • Piotr is suggesting adding a bootstrap-style UI framework to the admin. We already have jQueryUI. Let's add Orchard styles for jQueryUI for UI consistency
    • Having a search bar that is always there and has immediate results, maybe autocomplete. Modules could contribute results (media, etc.)
    • Admin UI could use some love as well. The content screen, the menu, tabs, etc.
    • We'll start threads on discussions for each of those themes
    • Sébastien to look at the comment refactoring fork (no threading or pagination for now, just refactoring)
    • Let's do select all across the admin in 1.7
    • New default theme: make it responsive. Should we use an existing css framework? Grid should at least use the same conventions as a well-known grid system. Tag cloud out of the box, using taxonomies (term cloud).
  • Git Publishing Orchard To Windows Azure

    Windows Azure has a really nice feature that allows you to push deployments from a public Git repository on GitHub or Codeplex as well as push deployments from a local Git repository on your development PC. In the near future, Azure will support private Git repositories as well. You can easily use Git Publishing with Azure and an Orchard CMS Website with the addition of 1 file that needs to be added to your Orchard Website!

  • Publishing Orchard On Azure Web Sites Using Git

    The Windows Azure Web Sites hosting solution is really a fantastic hosting solution. You might already know that you can even push web sites using Git, but lately this feature has been improved so that it can automatically pull an external repo you already own.

  • Orchard Forums - Where Are We?

    One of the most requested features on the Orchard User Voice is a Forum module. Internet forums in the conventional sense is just a discussion site where people can post a question, receive an answer or merely to strike up a conversation.

  • Orchard PHP Scripting Now Supporting Shapes

    As you've probably read, we've created a generic scripting environment for Orchard, currently supporting PHP scripting (C# and VB coming soon) usable as an action with the Orchard Rules engine or in views with the PHP view engine. PHP scripting employs Phalanger to run PHP inside .NET. Since Phalanger currently lacks support for .NET dynamic objects it was not possible till now to modify Clay objects, that in Orchard are used mainly for shapes. This meant that e.g. you couldn't write proper shape overrides in PHP for display shapes that generally have a dynamic Model injected.

  • Orchard 1.6 Available For Download

    Orchard 1.6 is available for download.

    Consult the release notes: http://docs.orchardproject.net/Documentation/Orchard-1-6-Release-Notes

    Download it: http://orchard.codeplex.com/releases/view/90325

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