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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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  • Welding On Orchard

    Orchard websites are composed using different types of content, where every content type can have one or more content parts or fields. There are predefined content types, like 'page', 'blog', 'comment', 'widget' etc. For instance, a 'blog post' is composed of multiple parts.
    You can also define custom content types within Orchard using the available parts and fields, without any coding. All the features are housed inside modules and with that, you can do anything.
    With Orchard, you can create content types that represent real-life objects, 'car', 'flower', 'stamp', 'dvd', etc. and show that (as collections) on your website.

    This article shows how to create a module to extend existing content of an Orchard website. First a little background on which main problem Orchard solves for me. Then we start building a part.

  • Content Picker With Content Type Filtering And Search

    The Orchard CMS 1.5 was recently released and it includes a very cool Content Picker that helps you build relationships between content items. I absolutely love the new Content Picker in Orchard CMS, but it really needs to have a custom setting that allows Orchard Web Developers to filter the list it displays by content type. During a relaxing Saturday morning I created a modified Content Picker complete with content type filtering and in-tab search functionality.

  • Widgetizing Zones

    Today I had to write a little FilterWidget. Not a big deal of course, as it's all explained in the docs.

    However, in this particular case, the client wanted to be able to drop one ore more TaxonomyMenuWidgets on to this filter. The idea being that the filter would post the selected terms to a projection page, which contains a custom filter that parses the querystring.
    Essentially, the client needed to be able to drop one or more widgets onto a single widget. Is that even possible? Well, currently Orchard only has an UI for dropping widgets onto zones. Even though you could render shapes from any template you like, there's no UI to manage that.
    So, what to do?

  • Ajax And Anti-Forgery Tokens

    I will be screwing around in Orchard CMS and perform a rockin' ajax POST operation and will get hit with an “anti-forgery token not supplied” type of error. If this happens, you'll probably look at your code, look at the ajax call, and think “What the what?!” Well, the answer lies in the inclusion of the __RequestVerificationToken variable and it being assigned a special value given to us by the Orchard framework.

  • How To Add ReCaptcha To Custom Forms

    In Orchard 1.5 there are a number of new anti-spam features, like reCaptcha, spam filters, and submission limiters to protect your custom forms from spam. Here is a quick Orchard CMS Tutorial that teaches Orchard Web Developers how to add reCaptcha to custom forms.

  • Introduction to Orchard 1.5

    Sébastien Ros' introduction video to Orchard 1.5

  • Upgraded Site to Orchard 1.5

    I upgraded this Orchard Website to Orchard CMS 1.5 which was just released over the weekend. I am just starting to write Orchard Tutorials on the various new features like Custom Orchard Forms, Admin Content Search in Orchard CMS, and the new pluggable navigation in Orchard. Lots of really nice features in Orchard 1.5.

  • Dynamically Injecting Menu Items

    As most Orchard Web Developers are aware, Orchard 1.5 has an updated navigation module that supports hierarchical menus, breadcrumbs, and drag-and-drop menu positioning. But, did you know that navigation is now completely pluggable!? Navigation is indeed pluggable and I couldn't resist spending 1 hour on a Friday evening hacking together a quick sample! When you are finished with this, you can learn more about Orchard at Orchard Tutorials!

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