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  • Orchard University Subject Starting In February

    We're happy to announce something that some of you (those who attend/watch the weekly community meetings) may already know: as tutors, we'll begin the first official university subject built around Orchard at the Óbuda University in February. The participants will start by exploring ASP.NET MVC and then dive deep into Orchard module and theme development.

  • Weekly Podcast 1/29/2012

    This week, we had a new fantastic demo of the workflow feature planned for Orchard 1.7, and then we did triage. The untriaged bug count is still above 100. We need to renew our efforts every week.

  • WebAPI Global Action Filters And Dependency Injection

    Today I had the privilege of trying out the new WebApi feature in Orchard, which as you may know is new as of Orchard 1.6.

    Personally I think this is a very exciting addition, as it allows us to expose Orchard services as well as our own services via a RESTful API to the outside world.

  • Weekly Podcast 1/22/2012

    Meeting notes:

    • Nick showed his complete rewrite of Open Auth
    • Sébastien made a demo of the new Workflow feature
    • Brett showed his remote restart module, for web farms
    • Orchard now an official university course at Zoltán & Benedek's university (https://nik.uni-obuda.hu/)

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  • Orchard Training Demo Module Updates

    Benedek and Zoltan made some notable updates to their Orchard Training Demo module

  • Weekly Podcast 1/15/2013

    • Sébastien is back (and is polishing his Hungarian language skills).
    • Short demo of Zoltán and Benedek's progress on training material.
    • New sites: http://inversionistas.celsia.com/, http://www.lakelandcompanies.com
    • Virtual hack-a-thon: need to get features moving a bit, then triage old bugs. Sébastien, Nick, Piotr, Sipke, Bertrand, Zoltán and Benedek volunteer. Let's do first week of February. We'll tweet about it (#orchardhackathon #orchardcms). Thursday Feb 7th midnight to midnight (PST). We need to each commit to a time frame so that there is someone in the meeting at all times. There will be pizza! There will be local parties in Redmond, LA, London, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Budapest.
    • Triage: 116 incoming; 12 triaged. We'll get back to this.
    • We should tell people that they can watch the bug triage discussions in this video, and we should also invite people to come and defend their bugs on the meeting.
    • Recent changes and updates in Bertrand's Nwazet.Commerce and Piotr's SignalR.

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  • Weekly Podcast 1/8/2012

    • Migrate everything to Git: Nick mentions that this could be the opportunity to improve Azure integration.
    • Two things: moving to Git, and moving to Github. Codeplex has Git support so we may not have to do the second one.
      • Github is very innovative
      • Could have the gallery depend on Git repos

      • Tooling is still behind although
      • Everybody would have to move
      • We have a lot of contents on CodePlex. There is a migration tool for issues. Need to investigate discussions.
      • Github doesn't have downloads / releases

      Maybe shortly after 1.7
    • 108 untriaged bugs
    • Inline editing: Sipke and Nick to dig out the code and make it move forward. Maybe take some inspiration or use this: http://vitalets.github.com/x-editable/demo.html (suggested by Ylan)
    • Quick demo of forum by Nick: search now works; users can delete their threads; Gravatar support

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  • Weekly Podcast 1/3/2012

    • Oren's review on TekPub (missing from the video)
    • Nick's demo on the latest additions and developments of the Forum module
    • Sipke's demo of Orchard Market (http://orchardmarket.net/)
    • Orchard's "Mission statement" updates by Bertrand

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