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  • Debugging Orchard CMS Web Role Caching “Positive value required for time-out”.

    If you followed my post for Part 1 then you know how I arrived at the “Positive value required for time-out” error after enabling Windows Azure Output and Database caching. After logging into my instances and turning “Off” custom errors I was able to see this error every time I was hitting any page on my site.

    I sat there for a second thinking why the cache expiration in minutes would be negative. Was the Azure machines in a strange time zone? No, everything is UTC. So why was this error happening? I thought maybe it was the order I did things when upgrading from 1.6 and turning of SysCache/Contrib.Cache. Maybe something was lingering around. I restarted my roles via the Azure management portal and tried the site again. Same issue!

  • Updating from Orchard CMS 1.6 to Orchard CMS 1.7.1 and deploying to Windows Azure

    After running Orchard 1.6 in Windows Azure Cloud Services for about 4 months now, I was pretty excited to see all the updates that came with Orchard 1.7.1 for Azure. Making Azure a first class citizen of Orchard really will help its adoption by new users. Having an already very functionally scalable CMS along with the performance scalability that Azure brings makes this a very powerful platform.

  • Weekly Podcast 10/15/2013

    Meeting notes:

    • SSL is now a core module
    • Fixed a timeout issue in Azure
    • Misc fixes to navigation, media library, Azure
    • Roadmap updated
    • 1.7.2 soon, because there are some important fixes in there
    • What happened to the content deployment module? Sébastien will help whoever wants to complete the work.
    • Messaging module being worked on by Sipke. Includes nice template token that allows you to execute a template on the current context from anywhere tokens are allowed.
    • Audit trail is coming!
    • Content reference module is an advanced content picker type of module
    • Showed API for easier shifting in the context of Nwazet.Commerce
    • nginx and big web sites
    • References from Orchard.Web to modules
    • New sites: http://hubrus.com/, http://wheeliesuplands.co.uk/, http://www.skincancer.org/, http://go2see.ru/, http://www.appsforevents.com/, http://www.bathspa.ac.uk/, http://www.grapto.com/ (Azure), http://2contact.nl/
    • Triage: 158 proposed before triage

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Advanced content management and starting with theme development - Dojo Course tutorial 3.

    Forms, tokens, projections? Command line scaffolding for themes and shapes? This is what the third Dojo Course tutorial is about.

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo. If you would like to give us some feedback about course, please tell us your thoughts so we can improve and shape the course to your needs!

  • HowTo Setup: Orchard CMS Source Enlistment for Local Dev and Automated Git Publishing to Azure

    I wanted to easily get the most recent changes from the master Orchard source tree. I then wanted to easily make edits and changes to that tree but keep them separate but I also wanted to easily make contributions to the Orchard project and submit changes as a Git pull request. Further, when there were updates to the Orchard source, I wanted to (on my schedule) merge those changes into my custom implementations so my local implementations were always on the most current release, but I didn't want the process to be tedious or have any repetitive work such as having to re-apply my code changes. Finally, I wanted to be able to have this handle multiple Orchard deployments without having to duplicate the work across all of them.

  • Developing with Advanced Sitemap in your Orchard site

    Advanced Sitemap is currently the only module to provide extensions points for developers who are doing a lot of custom development on their site. The basic use case of a module like this is very straightforward: take all of the content items and list out all of their urls in some sensible way. But what if you have routes that don't necessarily align with urls set in your content items? Entering custom routes in the admin can suffice if there aren't too many, but if you use a lot of custom routing in your MVC controllers, it would be nice to have these urls reflected accurately in the sitemap.

  • Weekly Podcast 10/08/2013

    Sorry, but no video this time, because something went wrong during recording and the video is completely useless. :(

    Meeting notes:

    • Sébastien's first act as a dictator: silence Brett. :)
    • Lombiq is auditing the SSL module.
    • Lots of perf work this week.
    • Eager fetch filter for Projections enables you to specify what part records to load up front to avoid "select n+1" problems.
    • New indexes on core content type and content item records
    • SSL module was pushed in feature/ssl branch on the main repo.
    • And now... The Shift! Orchard will start, in the next version, to store part data into the infoset that is already on the content item record (used for field storage), in addition to the records that can still be used for querying. This way, if all you need is the data, you have only one table to query. This is like using a document DB, but with minimal changes and migration. Migration will be provided for the core Orchard parts, but what about module developers? Sébastien and Bertrand to work together on exploring this and publishing a blog post on it. Next, how to apply the technique on aggregate properties. Another great thing is that those changes can be done module by module. It's not a huge breaking change at all. It's actually not breaking at all. Will be in 1.8.
    • Good quote from Sébastien: no-cache requests should always be fast. The cache is only there to handle the load.
    • New sites: http://reprographix.com/, http://boxxtech.com/, http://tucanourbano.it
    • Triage: 160+ unassigned proposed bugs.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Getting up to speed with Orchard - Dojo Course tutorial 2.

    How to run Orchard as a developer? What are other, more advanced built-in modules I should know about? The second Dojo Course tutorial aims to give anwers to these questions.

    For the notes and other information about this lesson, please visit Orchard Dojo.

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