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  • Weekly Podcast 11/10/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Recap of the last meeting.
    • 00:38 - Agenda.
    • 01:10 - Elections status.
    • 02:50 - Status.
    • 11:53 - Gallery updates: went live, looking forward to feedback.
    • 14:49 - Orchard 2 (renamed from Brochard) updates.
    • 21:08 - PRs and bug triage.
    • Developing Custom Form Elements for Dynamic Forms

      How to create a custom slider form element? There are several moving parts and it gets even more interesting when you develop custom validators and binders along with it. Developing form elements is somewhat like developing custom layout elements but a bit more involved.

    • Dynamic Forms and Anti-Spam Elements in Orchard CMS

      I almost thought I would need to create a new Form Element for Dynamic Forms, but then I found the ever so lovely Anti-Spam Elements for Dynamic Forms.

    • Develop Custom Elements for Orchard Layouts

      Orchard Layouts introduced in Orchard CMS 1.9 provides elements that can be placed on the layout canvas. Orchard Layouts has a number of built-in elements, but of course, you can build custom elements for specific needs in your Orchard Website.

    • Snippets in Orchard Layouts

      Orchard Layouts is new to Orchard CMS 1.9 and one of the features it contains is snippets. I wasn't sure how useful snippets would be given they don't include an editor, but depending on the website they can be very useful for inserting reusable, stand-alone HTML fragments into the orchard website.

    • Specifying Shapes for Custom Elements

      The new LayoutPart adds a lot of flexibility to building out pages in Orchard with the ability to add structure and elements to each page. If the already existing elements don’t suit your needs you can create a custom element and reuse that element where needed; although, there will be situations where a custom element does not fully suit your needs either. There are only so many alternates set up for elements, so one challenge we were faced with was figuring out how to reuse the same element and be able to apply different markup when needed./p>

    • Audit Trail Part

      Audit trail mainly tells you that a content item changed and not the exact change. This may be enough detail in many instances if you're just concerned with who made the last change and when in the Orchard Website, but many times you would like more detail.

    • Tabs in Orchard content editors

      So for years there has been talk about tabs in Orchard's content editors but the functionality has never appeared. I always meant to take a look at it but it was never a priority. Recently I took the time to tackle the issue.

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