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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Convert Orchard messages to Toastr notifications with JavaScript

    Orchard messages appear as text messages in the Messages Zone. But sometimes we need something fancier than a simple text.

  • Comparing CMS Vendor Websites

    This is the third in a series of posts where I'm blogging my approach in the redevelopment the Orchard CMS website. In this post we'll look at what the other CMS vendors are doing with their websites and analyse the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Export Form Submissions to CSV with JavaScript

    Orchard 1.10 gives you the opportunity to export Contents and Form Submissions to XML with the built-in module Import Export. If you want to change this functionality, you have to create a module that will export to CSV. But there is a quicker way with my best friend JavaScript. 

  • Orchard CMS Website Audit

    In the previous post we established the objectives of the site along with the target audience. As with any website redevelopment it's worth looking at the existing site to see what it's doing right and what needs addressing in the new site. This exercise can prove crucial and ensures that lessons are learnt and improvements are made. 

  • The New Orchard CMS Website

    As a web developer and Orchard Community member it pains me every time I visit the main Orchard CMS website. Ever since the website's first release back in 2009, the site hasn't changed that much but as you know the web considerably has. With new mobile devices, higher screen resolutions, design trends and huge advances in web technologies the landscape has significantly changed how we build and experience websites.

  • Customizing Snipcart Shopping Cart v2.0

    In a previous blog post I mentioned creating a suite of features to support Snipcart in Orchard CMS. Since then Snipcart has released v2.0 of the shopping cart to support better customization. I made some adjustments to the Snipcart Orchard CMS Modules to support a custom shopping cart theme. Of course, to do so, I had to experience for myself what it was like to customize the Snipcart Shopping Cart in v2.0 as well as deploy it on a sample website.

  • Customizing the tags in the Orchard List shape

    Orchard has shapes. And shapes are awesome. Pretty much anything that renders a list of content in Orchard uses the List shape. This shape basically takes a list of shapes and renders them. It does handy things like paging etc. It also renders items with html list markup, which makes sense, being a list and all. But what if you want to render items using Bootstraps grids? Turns out, this isn't a problem.

  • Utilizing the new assets pipeline in Orchard

    So Orchard has a new pipeline for generating client side assets. It is basically a gulp file that goes to all modules and themes (!), finds a Assets.json config file and does whatever that file says. What can it do? 

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