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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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Recent Posts and Articles

  • Weekly Podcast 05/05/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Recap of the last meeting.
    • 01:34 - GitHub status: releases and bugs. Pre-releases are available to discover major issues, final release will be this week if there's nothing blocker
    • 14:00 - Status.
    • 37:14 - Discussing and updating the development roadmap.
  • The Orchard Way

    A metaphor of the single responsibility principle, where we get to know Greg's and Elon's way of building cars.

  • Making your Driver Display Methods Perform Better

    Orchard is blazingly fast out of the box. I mean, I started at v0.9 and it was well, pretty crappy. But now? It is an absolute beast. However, it is all too easy to completely screw up the performance. Take Drivers for example.

  • Exporting and Importing a Content Item Relation in Orchard CMS

    Orchard offers the concept of a content item identity. In short it is just a combination of unique identifiers such as a randomly generated guid, or a pages alias. So we want to export this identity instead of the Id value stored in the database and convert the identity into an Id during the import.

  • Custom Tokens in Orchard CMS

    We are now going to look at exposing our setting as a token so it can be used in workflows. Tokens are pieces of text within Orchard that can be dynamically substituted with a value.

  • Custom Layer Rule in Orchard CMS

    We run live webcast events from Orchard and during the course of an event the homepage is changed depending on the status of the event. We wanted a little more flexibility with widgets and not requiring a separate page to manage the homepage. So I set about creating a slightly different solution to what we have now that we could use if needed.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/21/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Recap on GitHub migration. Tasks left: close issues and PRs on CodePlex, complete forum import.
    • 06:00 - Agenda.
    • 07:05 - Status: A lot of PRs pulled in, bugfixes.
    • 33:38 - Demo by Sipke: Search settings improvements, including the ability to select an index for Search Widget.
    • 40:10 - Demo by Sipke: visibility rules for Layout elements (using the same engine as layer rules for Widgets). Ruby scripting engine for layer rules to be switched to JavaScript. Discussion about extending Layouts to a point where it's capable to deprecate Widgets.
  • Weekly Podcast 04/14/2015

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