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  • Weekly Developer Podcast 08/28/2014

    • We did almost an hour long bug triage and it's showing good progress: we reached January of 2014!
    • May the do-loop be with you!
  • Weekly Podcast 08/26/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: shortcut extension methods for reading and writing files through IStorageProvider added by Lombiq, feature branches (Layouts by Sipke and Localization by Nick) are updated with new features, project Web.config files updated for each module for Razor IntelliSense to work, "Securable" Content Type metadata for adding type-level permissions when editing Roles and "Securable content items" Content Type metadata for adding content item-level permissions when editing Roles added by Sébastien. Stanley's PR fixing that titles with only special characters were generating empty slugs (and overriding the home page) was pulled in. MediaLibrary folder contents are loaded on-demand, increasing performance for huge amount of media items (also a PR by Stanley).
    • NHibernate is updated to 4.0. It's a new major version with a lot of bugfixes and it's built upon .NET 4.0.
    • Demo by Nick - Localization updates: the Localization feature branch was updated to support transliteration settings. This enables the generation of slugs with Latin characters from titles that contain non-Latin characters. When creating localizable content items, you can now select a culture (instead of it being the site culture automatically). When selecting a RTL culture, the editors will immediately switch to RTL editing mode. A culture selector is displayed on the content listing page if you have more than one culture.
    • Demo by Piotr and Marek - PowerShell console in the Dashboard: a virtual file system based on Orchard, where you can use the tools provided by PS to manage your Orchard site, like browsing and editing settings and features, running commands and use PS commandlets. It's possible to use it to manage your server from inside Orchard. The PowerShell.exe was basically re-implemented to fit into Orchard and runs inside Orchard's app domain.
    • Demo by Sipke - Dynamic Forms: based on the Layouts module and enhancing the Custom Forms module, you can now create Forms with a dynamic layout and a huge range of customization options. Input validation is a feature to be added soon.
  • Weekly Developer Podcast 08/21/2014

  • Weekly Podcast 08/19/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: fixed a memory leak when creating LifetimeScopes, Sébastien will push a feature branch he's working on for REST API, fixed a bug in searching for content types, RTL support for Workflows and MediaLibrary added by Nick, AuditTrail now supports logging IP-addresses.
    • Framework and library updates: .NET (4.5.1), ASP.NET MVC (5.2), Json.NET (6.0.4), Autofac (3.5.2), SqlCE (4.0 SP1).
    • Sébastien did some testing regarding Eric's work with SQLite support, it works and looks promising performance-wise, but needs some tweaking.
    • Demo by Sébastien - Securable: a new content type setting has been added (based on the discussions in the previous meetings). Enabling "Securable" for a content type will display all its items in the Role editors, so you can edit the permissions for each content item of that type. Make sure you only use it for content types with a small number of items, e.g. Lists, Menus. An other content type setting will be added later to do the same thing for content type level.
    • Demo by Stanley - HtmlCodeMirror flavor: adding syntax highlighting and tag/attribute/JS auto-completion when editing HTML for widgets and also in the TinyMCE HTML editor popup.
    • Discussion about moving static resources (JQuery, CodeMirror, etc.) to a common module so that any other module can reuse them.
    • Nick showed us the latest changes and upgrades he made for RTL support. Most of the important Dashboard pages (Widgets, Workflows, Navigation, etc.) now support RTL. Stanley suggested using a transliteration library for generating URLs with latin letters even if the content is edited in a language that doesn't use latin letters.
    • All the videos from this year's Orchard Harvest are now uploaded! Check out the official YouTube channel of Orchard CMS to watch them.
  • Weekly Developer Podcast 08/14/2014

    • Pull requests processed:
      • DisableThemePart additions: the PR and the linked issue are not related, this should be resolved (with a new issue and a PR).
      • Not draftable content vs. PublishLater: the "Save"/"Publish Now" behaviour should not be changed, but the UI should be improved for PublishLater when the content is not draftable.
      • Route and Content tokens: needs some changes before GTG.
      • Multi search form: makes it possible to have different search forms for different indices. Needs some changes/fixes, otherwise looking good.
      • MediaLibraryPickerField fix: the PR was pulled in, but unfortunately later the changes were deleted due to a rollback. A new fix was applied recently, so the issue and the PR were closed. Btw the same problem occured to ContentPickerField too (also fixed).
      • Blogs + Lists: maybe later :). Actually it's already done, so the PR is closed.
      • Extended menu permissions: there are some suggestions for changes, otherwise GTG.
      • Support for Prefix in form manager: after some slight modification/optimization it's GTG.
      • Permission names as public constants: actually this a good practice, but pulling this in would mean that Orchard developers/contributors would have to follow this convention always, so the PR was declined. Even with this change, 3rd-party modules could suffer from a breaking changes if a permission is renamed, since the name of the variable should be changed too.
      • ProjectionPage - ItemsPerPage and more: needs review/feedback by Sébastien.
      • AntiSpam comment tokens empty: the root of the problem is an other issue, which was fixed but the original (bad) behaviour was restored. Awaiting feedback on that.
    • An idea for a feature emerged during the reviews by Stanley: a content type setting called "Permissible", which would make it possible to configure permissions per content item when editing the permissions for a specific user role. This feature is based on the Dynamic Permissions feature, so it's bit different from Content Permissions. Useful for content types with not too many items, e.g. Menus and Lists.
  • I Love Orchard CMS, And You Should Too

    I have been playing with several CMS solutions in Azure Websites. For instance, I recently built a site for my son’s high school football team using DNN. Lately I have been tinkering around with Orchard CMS. Simply put, I am in love. 

  • Orchard CMS: Render partial view to string in code

    Today I’ve needed to develop functionality using Orchard CMS, to generate an email from an Orchard CMS razor view. I’ve found a great piece of code, which can be used in other scenarios as well and is not just limited to generating email templates and I’ve thought it’s worth a share.

  • Weekly Podcast 08/12/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: several small changes and bugfixes since last week. FirstMediaUrl property has been added to MediaLibraryPickerField. "None" as a build action is allowed in projects for the following types: LESS, SCSS, SASS, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, MarkDown, so you can opt-out from deploying them. Daniel made further development on the DateLocalization feature and then it was merged into 1.x. AuditTrail and Layouts are also under development by Daniel and Sipke. Several PRs have been pulled in (significant portion of them coming from Stanley). Sébastien fixed a bug in the OWIN feature branch so it's working nicely (but the SpecFlow tests all fail yet). Nick is working hard on the RTL-support.
    • The title of today's meeting: "The day of many demos".
    • Demo by Nick - RTL support for the Dashboard: users with access to the Dashboard now have the ability to select a different culture setting for editing content (from the list of cultures added to the site settings). When the selected culture is an RTL one, the whole Dashboard's layout and localization is transformed into RTL.
    • Demo by Zoltán - Orchard as a NuGet package: the "lib" folder containing all the dependency DLLs and Orchard.Framework can be complied into NuGet packages, see the work done in the "feature/nuget" branch. This is a great supplementary solution for developers to use Orchard in different ways, like the Orchard Application Host. We've also discussed the possibility for self-upgrading Orchard. See the discussion about this feature.
    • Demo by Piotr - keyboard shortcuts for the Dashboard: Ctrl+F will show you a ContentPicker with Search where you can select a content item, clicking on it will navigate you to its editor. Ctrl+S saves the content item, Ctrl+Shift+S toggles Published state. Correlates with Sipke's changes in the Admin search filter: toggling its visibility with Ctrl+M.
    • Demo by Sipke - latest changes in the Layouts module: child Layouts are updated when their Master is modified. The grid has a fixed 12-column (maximum) span. Layouts can be converted into a Layout template. Templates can contain arbitrary elements and those can be inline-edited and customized/styled. When changing the layout with elements already added, the elements will be retained and positioned to the best available space.
    • Localization contributors on Crowdin will be mentioned in the release notes alongside with the source code contributors.
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