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  • Customizing Snipcart Shopping Cart v2.0

    In a previous blog post I mentioned creating a suite of features to support Snipcart in Orchard CMS. Since then Snipcart has released v2.0 of the shopping cart to support better customization. I made some adjustments to the Snipcart Orchard CMS Modules to support a custom shopping cart theme. Of course, to do so, I had to experience for myself what it was like to customize the Snipcart Shopping Cart in v2.0 as well as deploy it on a sample website.

  • Customizing the tags in the Orchard List shape

    Orchard has shapes. And shapes are awesome. Pretty much anything that renders a list of content in Orchard uses the List shape. This shape basically takes a list of shapes and renders them. It does handy things like paging etc. It also renders items with html list markup, which makes sense, being a list and all. But what if you want to render items using Bootstraps grids? Turns out, this isn't a problem.

  • Utilizing the new assets pipeline in Orchard

    So Orchard has a new pipeline for generating client side assets. It is basically a gulp file that goes to all modules and themes (!), finds a Assets.json config file and does whatever that file says. What can it do? 

  • Weekly Podcast 03/22/2016 - 03/29/2016

  • Setting up Orchard CMS on Mono

    Officially, Orchard CMS does not support Mono. There are no promises and no known plans to make it compatible. But being an Open Source project, it encourages developers worldwide to give it a try.

  • Weekly Podcast 03/15/2016

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • Status:
      • 01:20 - #6397 fixed: Allowing the default tenant setting to be edited.
      • 01:41 - There was a bug in TextFieldDriver regarding the TextField with a default value.
      • 02:27 - #6554: Replaces #6535 to target 1.10, fixes the TextFieldDriver bug.
      • 02:33 - #6490 fixed: Media Library: Removing the force reinitialization of Recent on page load.
      • 03:05 - #6526 fixed: Unwrap TargetInvocationExeption when executing ShapeAttributeBinding. On Azure websites, if a TargetInvocationExeption is triggered, it will take down the application. Now it's intercepted by throwing the actual exception.
      • 05:21 - Retrying on tenant startup. A delay on tenant startup has benne implemented, and this, and the number of retries can be set.
      • 09:55 - #6523: Output cache route config.
      • 10:38 - MultiTenancyFeature.cs has been updated.
      • 10:55 - Shapes.cs has been updated.
      • 10:59 - List.cshtml has been updated (fixing wrong CSS).
      • 11:27 - #6572 fixed: Multiple TaxonomyFields with Autocomplete enabled causes terms to be added to empty fields on save.
      • 12:25 - Discussion about branches.
      • 16:16 - Adding correct ETag support and explanation on how ETags work.
      • 18:55 - NuGet packages excluded from the source package.
      • 19:18 - .pdb files xcluded from the web package.
      • 19:49 - #6578 fixed: Fixing that the Taxonomies term admin index page should sort terms.
      • 20:12 - 1.9.3 was merged into 1.10.
      • 20:14 - #6572 fixed: Add only existing terms for the field.
      • 21:11 - GitHub releases added for 1.10 and 1.9.3.
      • 21:49 - Merge plan for 1.10.
    • 27:00 - Should we accept commit attributions from a group account instead of individuals only? Discussion, explanation and Steering Committee vote to accept group account contributions: 5 supports, 0 against, 1 not present.
    • 46:48 - In Orchard 2, Shape caching has been implemented. Menus are cached by default. For this reason, the active class doesn't make sense any more (if set on the server side, needs additional client-side code).
  • Adding Dynamic Forms Content to Lists using Workflows

    In this post we'll see how to write a custom Workflows activity that adds content items to a list. The idea is that when a content item is created, it automatically gets added to the configured list. this could be useful when for example setting up a form with Dynamic Forms that binds input fields to new content items.

  • Snipcart and Orchard CMS for E-Commerce

    While working on an e-commerce store using Orchard CMS for a client I came across Snipcart. Snipcart is an HTML / JavaScript shopping cart that is very easy to add to any website, including static websites. At first I thought Snipcart's claims of being easy were too good to be true, but after integrating Snipcart into Orchard CMS I quickly became a fan.

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