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  • Weekly Podcast 03/04/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Sorry for not having a meeting last week, we'll make up for it for sure!
    • Status: several smaller and some bigger changes and fixes in the last 2 weeks. The biggest one is that Daniel's non-gregorian calendar support changes and refactorings (demoed a few weeks ago) are pulled into source on the 1.x branch. Castle libraries are upgraded 3.2.0.
    • Demos by Sébastien:
      • RssPart (1.x): a new content part that enables you to customize what data is shown in the RSS feeds for content items using Tokens.
      • Added a small feature to close comments automatically on a content item after X days without using a workflow.
      • Bertrand's Tag Cloud (widget that computes and displays a cloud of tags) and Feedburner (related to the RssPart) features are pulled into the source (and they are removed from Vandelay.Industries).
    • Demo by IDeliverable: Ajax Widget module. AjaxifyPart is useful for loading dynamic content into parts of a page asynchronously, especially if the page is cached (caching should be disabled for the route used by module). After the loading is finished, the markup is completely identical to what it would be without async loading. Possible improvement discussed for handling static resources.
    • Demo by Lombiq: "something about MultiTenancy" - DotNest, the first software-as-a-service solution for Orchard, driven by completely stateless servers on Azure. The product is in preview, but works completely: after signing up, you can create and set up tenants for yourself, though there are some technical limitations. Some of the modules behind DotNest are / will be open-sourced. See the DotNest knowledge base for more information.
    • The upcoming Orchard version will be 1.8 - to be released soon.
    • Orchard Harvest: current plan for date is 2nd and 3rd of June (Mon-Tue, but still a subject of change). The number of attendees may be limited (maybe at 100 or 150) for the sake of flexibility regarding choosing the conference room.
    • Microsoft Open Technologies will have a demo next week: a module developed by IDeliverable for MS OpenTech, that is a good candidate for integration to the Core!

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      • Changing The Content Type Of Existing Content Items

        So you've got a bunch of Page content items in your Orchard instance, but nowadays Orchard is getting popular and everybody has Page content items. But you started to use Orchard before it got cool and Pages are now too mainstream. How can you make your existing Pages unique again?

      • Retrieving Random Content Items Using HQL

        There are plenty of articles and stackoverflow discussions on the topic of how to (quickly) retrieve some random rows from a SQL database. I wanted to get something to work simply and quickly, not necessarily high performance. Incorporating any kind of hand-crafted SQL query was really the last option since it would mean to get hold of an ISessionLocator instance to get at the underlying NHibernate ISession to then create a custom SQL query and execute it. Not my favorite path, really. Luckily, the IContentManager interface contains the method HqlQuery which returns an IHqlQuery containing interesting details.

      • Override Meta Tags

        Easily override meta tags displayed by Orchard CMS by overriding the Metas Shape. ResourceManager in Orchard CMS keeps track of the meta tags in your website and displays them using the Metas Shape. You can override this shape in your Orchard Theme to remove certain meta tags, add meta tags, and filter meta tags. Although you will have to write a bit of Razor Code in your Orchard View, it is far simpler than creating an Orchard Module or modifying the Orchard Source Code.

      • Featured Item Slider For 1.7

        NimblePros created a Featured Item Slider Module for Orchard CMS, but it does not work with Orchard CMS 1.7 and the Media Library. A client of mine wanted to use this slider in a new Orchard 1.7 website, so I went ahead and created a new version that works with Orchard 1.7 and the Media Library. In addition to upgrading the Featured Item Slider to work with the Media Library, I also fixed a couple bugs and upgraded the ColorPicker and Slimbox jQuery Plugins to work with the new version of jQuery in Orchard CMS.

      • How to use Glimpse in Orchard CMS

        You need to modify the web.config in the Orchard.Web folder. If you installed Glimpse using NuGet, it added two settings to the web.config to tell the web server to use Glimpse to handle the glimpse.axd resource.

        The problem is the Orchard.Web\web.config file's <httpHandlers> and <handlers> sections both include a catch all handler to block all resources by default, and the Glimpse settings get added after the catch alls. You just need to move the glimpse entries to appear before the catch alls.

      • Features Of Orchard You've Never Used: Reports

        Did you know that there is a module (and a Core module!) in Orchard called Reports? Probably you did because since it's always enabled, you always see its menu item on the admin site. But have you used it at all? Ah, so you haven't either! Let's change this by shortly looking at how it works.

      • Weekly Podcast 02/18/2014

        Meeting notes:

        • Release date for Orchard 1.7.3 or 1.8: 28th of February or 3rd of March.
        • Status: a few fixes since last week, including Markdown support.
        • Mega-triage: 218 proposed, triaged 19 of them.
        • New Orchard websites: http://particular.net/, http://omniaconnect.net/, http://dorlandhealth.com/, http://www.trentia.es/, http://www.linchiestaquotidiano.it/, http://bodylogicmd.com/.

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