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  • Orchard Theme From A Template Part 2

    In our previous post, we setup the bulk of the file structure for our theme including scripts and styles and created the Document.cshtml file that determines when and where they all get loaded. This post is going to concentrate on the Layout.cshtml file which is going to create the basic HTML structure for the website. This time, we're going to copy the Layout.cshtml file from the TheThemeMachine theme which is the default built-in theme that comes with Orchard. The file can be located in the Orchard.Web project under Themes/TheThemeMachine/Views. Copy the Layout.cshtml file and paste it in to the Views folder of your theme. If you're using my ThemeStarter project, you'll already find a copy of Layout.cshtml in your Views folder.

  • Orchard Theme From A Template Part 1

    I have been asked by several people to repost my blog series on creating an Orchard CMS theme from one of the countless templates you can purchase on the internet these days. It has taken a long time for me to get around to it due to the family health issues we've been dealing with over the past 9 months. I'm finally have a little time on my hands and am working on quite a few themes at the moment anyways that it seems like a good time to document the progress for those that are interested in my process. This series is going to be a little different from the previous one...I have learned quite a lot about theming Orchard CMS over the past couple of years and I've gotten to the point that I can convert a template to a Orchard CMS theme in about 10 hours. So, let's get started!

  • Send Email Messages Using Orchard Jobs Queue

    The Orchard Jobs Queue in Orchard 1.8 can be used to send email asynchronously. This is especially useful when sending email from custom forms that are submitted on your Orchard Website via Orchard Workflow. Enabling email to use the new Jobs Queue is as simple as selecting a Queued option in your Send Email Workflow Activity.

  • Orchard 1.8 Released And Website Upgraded

    Orchard 1.8 and Orchard 1.7.3 were released this evening. Orchard 1.7.3 is a bug fix release for those not ready to move to Orchard 1.8. Orchard 1.8 introduces a new document storage solution leveraging Infoset that promises to increase the performance of Orchard by reducing table joins and query execution. I went ahead and upgraded this website to Orchard 1.8 this evening and everything went very smoothly.

  • Orchard 1.7.3 And 1.8 Are Here!

    On the 28th of March the new versions of Orchard have been released: Orchard 1.7.3 (bugfixes without major changes) and Orchard 1.8 (major changes and performance boost, inluding the same bugfixes as in 1.7.3) are ready to be downloaded! See the release notes in the Documentation section.

    You can expect sub-versions for 1.8 to be released in the coming weeks with smaller updates and bugfixes based on the feedback given about the current version.

    Happy Orcharding!

  • Weekly Podcast 03/25/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Sébastien is working on some important fixes for 1.7.3/1.8. 1.7.3 is for bugfixes, 1.8 is for bigger changes and it will be a major performance boost. Migration from 1.7.x will have no special steps.
    • The official Halo website uses Orchard as a blog engine.
    • Harvest finally confirmed for 9-10-11 of June! Number of attendees limited at 150.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Weekly Podcast 03/18/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Harvest: 9-10-11 of June (almost 100% fixed). Hotel room discount possible for attendees. You'll soon be able submit your presentation ideas and besides that, you can apply to be a presenter too if you'd like to adopt a topic (e.g. Localization, SignalR and more).
    • Status: a whole bunch of small fixes coming from direct contributions and pull requests. Benjamin's pull request (with the async loading of Media Library folders - see the demo from last week) also pulled in. There's now a setting for maximum page size.
    • Triaged ~20 proposed issues with highest vote count.
    • Orchard 1.8 release: soon, but there's a bugfixing wishlist on the forum.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Weekly Podcast 03/11/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Demo by Roopali Kaujalgi (MS Open Tech) in collaboration with IDeliverable: WAMS (Windows Azure Media Services) integration to MediaLibrary! You can manage your videos stored using WAMS in your Orchard instance, then convert it to different enconding formats and resolutions. Supports live and on-demand streaming (Flash and HTML5), DRM and access policies, subtitles. MS Open Tech is ready to transfer ownership to Outercurve so it can be integrated to the core (including future updates).
    • Demo by Benjamin: a pull request to MediaLibrary with changes that solve the problem of loading the folder structure from e.g. Azure taking too long by loading the subfolder structures asynchronously (when they are needed).
    • Announcement by Brett: Brett left Onestop to work in a new startup (in music industry), his position is taken Jorge Agraz. Welcome Jorge and good luck Brett on your adventure!
    • Harvest: current plan is to extend the conference to 3 days, probably 9-10-11 of June!
    • Status: PRs reviewed and pulled in by Sébastien, including Daniel's non-gregorian calendar support (see last week's notes). Also, a few small changes, Orchard.Azure changes for better configuration of settings (including the possibility to use a custom public host name for storage), SMTP settings can be set in the Web.config and a custom NHibernate configuration is applied to enhance performance.
    • Sébastien is working on an internal project called MSC (what does it mean?). Also, what about TBM? :)

        Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

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