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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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  • Five reasons why I love Orchard CMS

    There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) available nowadays and as Front-End developer, I’ve tested a bunch of them.  When setting up a new website, there are a lot of factors to consider, like your design and domain name, but the most important of all is choosing the right platform. This is crucial and not a decision to be taken lightly.

    There are three ways you can use Orchard CMS...

  • How to install SQL Server 2016 (and SSMS 2016)

    As an update to our earlier how-to for setting up a developer environment with IIS and SQL Server 2014 for Orchard, here's a step-by-step guide for setting up SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server Management Studio 2016 on your machine.

  • Inject shapes into orchard zones

    One of the cool things about orchard is how much you can customize it. One cool example that I ran across and wanted to remember was injecting shapes into zones in the layout. How would a person inject shapes into different zones? Here is how.

  • Using the C# Scripting Workflow Activity in Orchard 1.10 and Below

    This workflow activity is pretty awesome. You can write C# then set a number of different outcomes based on your own custom logic.

  • Orchard Shapes, Alternates and Shape Morphing

    I was recently trying to fix a bug in Orchard and it was suggested to use shape morphing and alternates for the fix. I realized I needed to know more about these areas and started looking around. If you have spent much time trying to learn about Orchard CMS you will soon find that the documentation is great. This is why I try to post some of the information I find interesting on this blog.

  • My Very First E-Book: Mastering Orchard Layouts

    Today I am very excited! Today, we put up my very first e-book up for distribution. It's the book on Orchard Layouts. The book aims to explain everthing there is to know about the Orchard Layouts module for users, themers and developers alike, hopefully providing users with a thorough understanding of the module.

  • Responsive iFrame - Layout Snippet

    Layout Snippets it's one of my favourites features of Orchard. Orchard 1.10 provides parameterizable snippets, that are more powerful. In this post, I will create a responsive iFrame parameterizable snippet. iFrames are very useful to websites, for example, a YouTube video or a Google Map. You can get the HTML of an iFrame and you can post it to your website, but it will not be responsive.

  • Information Architecture for the New Orchard Website

    Information Architecture (IA) is all about organising, structuring and the labelling of content. The role of IA is to help the user find information and complete their goals. I've found that IA is by far the most debated areas during the planning phase and therefore I strongly suggest collaboratively working with at least two other people to ensure everything has been covered off.

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