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  • Weekly Podcast 11/18/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • A bunch of bugfixes and accepted PRs since last week.
    • Orchard is now under the umbrella of the .NET Foundation! It brings together all the open source projects related to Microsoft, including the .NET Framework too. The website runs on Orchard! :)
    • The vote for this change (from Outercurve to DNF) was made is private by the Steering Committee with unanimous result. The reason for the privacy was mostly PR, because the launch of DNF was not yet public.
    • It looks like the legal requirement is to include licence note in every source file.
    • Steering Committee elections are coming up! Candidates have 2 weeks to apply (until the 2nd of December in a dedicated forum topic), the voting will start after that and lasts another 2 weeks. Everyone who has forum/project activity or attended Harvest can vote: each voter may cast 5 votes, but only one per candidate. Adrian will manage the voting (using GUIDs for anonymity).
    • CMS Critic awarded Orchard with "People's Choice Award for Best .NET CMS for Small to Medium-Sized Business".
  • How To Write A Custom Workflow Activity In Orchard CMS

    Today I will show you how the powerful Orchard CMS Workflow module can be extended by a custom activity. In my case I need an activity which creates a new BlogPost for me.

  • Crowdin: Managing Translations For Orchard

    Earlier this year the decision was made to shut down the localization tool on orchardproject.net for technical reasons. We had a couple weeks of "downtime" in that state during which we could download the translations we had before, but there was no way to edit or update them (other than doing it manually, which is a tedious and error-prone task). Unfortunately writing a new tool that suits our requirements for managing translations was a no-go due to the lack of development resources in the community (time, most of all) - though it turned out that it was not a bad thing at all!

  • Orchard Hungary Back Online!

    We had some various issues but all are gone now: the Orchard Hungary website is back online! Did you miss us? :-)

    You'll see our new contents soon!

  • Adding Fields To A Fake Orchard Content Item

    In previous posts, I’ve shown how to build fake content items, and how to use a fake content manager for testing Orchard modules. In this post, I’ll show how to add fields to a fake content item.

  • Stubbing The Orchard Content Manager

    I’ve shown in the previous post how to build fake content items for testing purposes. When the code being tested gets content items from the content manager, however, you will also need a stub for the content manager, so your code receives fake content items that you have prepared, and not real ones from the database.

  • Faking Orchard Content Items For Testing

    When testing Orchard modules, it’s often necessary to build fake content items that will be usable by your code, but won’t be database-bound. For this purpose, I’ve built a number of stubs and helpers over the years that enable most scenarios to work using fake content items. Because everything in Orchard is based off interfaces and dependency injection, mocking is rarely necessary, and a few good stubs are often all you need.

  • Weekly Podcast 11/11/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: only Sipke was active last week with fixes and additions to different features (e.g. VectorGraphic media-related content type).
    • Shipping 1.8.2 is near! We're looking at the possible blocking issues (2 on 1.8.x and 6 on 1.x) to resolve them ASAP. There are ~10 GTG PRs that should be accepted before the release.
    • The Layouts module is extended with responsive layouts. After a long discussion, the conclusion is that it's the theme's responsibility to define the properties/levels of responsiveness (or whether there should be any responsiveness at all).
    • Back to the matter of adding LayoutPart to the Page content type: old websites will only be affected when the Layouts module is enabled - in this case the LayoutPart will be added to the Page content type. There will also be an optional upgrade path to migrate from BodyPart to a HTML layout element (and then BodyPart is removed). For new websites, LayoutPart will be on the Page content type instead of BodyPart (and Layouts will be enabled by default).
    • Data access: a new, thinner ORM (using a low-level API with only SQL) could be added to work side-by-side NHibernate for better performance (using the same database connection).
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