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  • How to build a secure, high performing CMS with Orchard

    First Sports had critiqued a number of CMS's and made the decision to use Orchard due to its wide adoption and its extensibility. Having adopted a CMS the question was then what infrastructure would be most appropriate and most secure for hosting thousands of websites and millions of payment transactions for each of our sports clients

  • Many ways to relate Orchard things, part 2: content item picker field

    In the first post in this series, we’ve looked at the most difficult way to create relationships in Orchard. In this post, we’ll look at the easiest: content item picker field.

  • Many ways to relate Orchard things, part 1: database relations

    A long time ago, I wrote a documentation topic on how to implement 1-n and n-n relationships in Orchard using database relations. It was much needed at the time, as this was still a difficult topic. Between spotty mapping mechanisms for relationships, and specific Orchard conventions, it wasn’t something you could expect just anybody to figure out on their own. It is still the way to go under some conditions, but those conditions are arguably very uncommon, and there are now much better solutions for more common cases.

  • Customize Orchard CMS emails without creating your own module

    There are some instances where what you want to do is so minor that you don't want to build a whole module for it. You might just want to add a new parameter to an object in a core module and do something with that value during its normal processing. The example I recently had was adding an option for a "reply-to" field be added to emails coming from custom forms.

  • Weekly Podcast 06/02/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Agenda.
    • 01:16 - Status. Bugfixes and tiny performance improvements.
    • 14:02 - Jorge is now a core contributor with write access to repo. Congratulations!
    • 18:48 - Status on the new Admin theme (based on Bootstrap). Discussed the basics for static resource usage and conventions. Jasmin also gets write access too for his work on the new Admin theme.
    • 44:40 - Demo by Philip: Admin theme based on Bootstrap inspired by Material Design for TeamSurvive.com.
    • 56:30 - Orchard 1.9.1 to be shipped soon with feature additions and bugfixes.
  • Weekly Podcast 05/26/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status: bugfixes and discussion about recent changes.
    • 18:11 - Demo by Sipke: Dashboard Layout changes and simplifications.
    • 26:14 - Demo by Zoltán: Taxonomy (and Container-Containable) improvements for Localization support developed by Lombiq for EETT (Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission). Localized content items in a Container-Containable structure will not be orphaned, instead the correct content structure will be built up for other cultures too.
    • 47:00 - Short discussion about CodePlex.
    • 48:44 - Harvest updates! Sergio is working on the preparations for Harvest to be held in Alicante (East coast of Spain).
  • Weekly Podcast 05/19/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Gitter chat is now available.
    • 05:23 - A CSRF vulnerability was found and fixed for all major versions. See the documentation for information and links to download the patch (source and binaries).
    • 14:28 - Recap of the last meeting.
    • 14:53 - Agenda.
    • 22:58 - Demo by Jasmin: AutoroutePart configuration is enhanced (if Localizations is enabled and you have more than one cultures added to the site) in a way that you can define different URL patterns for each culture in a tabbed editor.
    • 34:46 - Demo by Jasmin: Bootstrap-based Admin theme.
    • 43:27 - Documentation status.
    • 47:45 - Brochard status.
    • Weekly Podcast 05/12/2015

      Meeting notes:

      • 00:00 - Status. Contributions with new features should be in the dev branch, but if they aren't breaking anything for sure they can go to 1.9.x. Bugfixes should go to 1.9.x. Recurring releases of minor versions from 1.9.x will be release every 1-2 month with bugfixes, without breaking changes and necessary manual migration (automatic migrations may be included). Major versions from the dev branch will be released every 6 month and these don't depend on the feature branches in development.
      • 31:04 - Demo by Sipke: Dashboard settings and content type.
      • 44:47 - Brochard news by Nick: the first PR was submitted!
      • 46:37 - Demo by Bertrand: Deployment!
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