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  • Exporting and importing linked content items

    I am working on a software based on Orchard CMS. My module defines multiple content item types which reference each other. How to implement export and import for them?

  • Get your modules ready for Orchard 1.9

    Orchard 1.9 is just around the corner (don’t ask me exactly when it will be out, instead go and help with the remaining high priority bugs), and if you own existing Orchard modules, now is a really good time to test them against the latest 1.x build. You should be mostly fine as the new version doesn’t introduce significant breaking changes (that we know of), but there is one thing that you may have to do nonetheless to build a compatible version of your code.

  • Weekly Podcast 01/27/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status: errors are now logged for Background Tasks, Bertrand is working on the Deployment module, jQuery and jQueryUI updated to 1.11.2, several other bugfixes.
    • 17:22 - Demo by Lombiq - ability to uninstall a Gallery module. Data Migrations now properly support the "Uninstall" method for e.g. deleting content types created by the module.
    • 29:43 - Demo by Harry Westbrook - Orchardizer Visual Studio extension for scaffolding themes and modules. Adds wizards for creating and configuring content parts and content types and then generates the code-behind. "Generate Migration" creates/updates a Migrations class based on a selected model class. You can grab the source code too from its repository.
    • 41:10 - Demo by Nick - Brochard updates. Entity Framework is now supported, but probably not a good choice for Orchard.
  • Weekly Podcast 01/20/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status and agenda: a lot of improvements and bugfixes, Owin updates and documentation, Web Essentials and Rebracer config files added to the Orchard source, Azure SDK updated to 2.5, infoset data can now be imported/exported, user passwords are now hashed using the much more secure PBKDF2 algorithm, setup recipes can now be added to modules other than Orchard.Setup, Layout Editor advancements.
    • 20:01 - Demo by Nick: Brochard (Orchard vNext) uses Roslyn for compiling modules. Middlewares are now also supported.
    • 42:02 - social buzz around Orchard. Fablelegends.com (XBOX game) is running on Orchard.
    • 46:00 - Harvest? No news and location is undecided yet.
  • Writing an Orchard Owin middleware

    So you heard about how fancy Owin is, with all of its loosely-coupled thingies? Well, it's now in Orchard: as you may have heard on this week's Community Meeting, you can now write Owin Middlewares in the Orchard-y way. Let's see how!

  • Weekly Podcast 01/13/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status: a few bugfixes on 1.x and a lot of further work on LayoutEditor (including keyboard commands).
    • 05:16 - Sébastien explains Owin usage basics in Orchard.
    • 23:36 - Chris Payne's demo on using Glimpse with Orchard, including a lot of custom extensions developed specifically for Orchard. https://github.com/paynecrl97/Glimpse.Orchard
    • 50:58 - Discussion about "outsourcing" parts of the Orchard web presence (Gallery, Documentation, Ambassadors, etc.) to separate websites under an orchardproject.net subdomain.
  • Weekly Podcast 01/06/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status and agenda: the Owin branch is production-ready and does not disrupt normal usage, so it's merged into 1.x.
    • 01:10 - Daniel's demo on refactoring the Layouts editors.
    • 30:39 - Jorge's demo on Onestop's Slide Shows module.
  • Indexing PDF: once again with a big red nose

    A commenter pointed me to an oddly-named library that I didn’t know about: PdfClown. This is a library that is built by the same author both for Java and .NET, and the .NET version actually looks pretty nice, with not too many Java-isms beyond the namespaces. The license is a nice LGPL 3, the author Stefano Chizzolini seems to be available for advice and consulting, and there’s quite a lot of blog posts and quality documentation and samples. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

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