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  • Weekly Podcast 05/20/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: jQuery updated to 1.11.1, Specflow tests fixed, Orchard 1.8.1 incoming, several MediaLibrary fixes by Nick and from PRs by Stanley and Benjamin, Razor templating moved to a separate feature.
    • New Orchard webistes: http://www.gaudinford.com, http://houstonjewelry.com, http://www.frawgwireless.com, http://ontheborder.com, http://photomic.com, http://www.anam.pt/madeira.
    • Triage: reviewed 24 bug reports out of 306.

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  • Understanding Orchard's Database

    I recently found a question on Orchard's forums asking for some explanations to query data directly from the database. Here is my take on this.

  • Orchard Blog Posts Per Page Feature

    Orchard Blogs has a new blog posts per page feature allowing you to adjust the number of Orchard Blog Posts per page separate from the site items per page feature. This new feature is in addition to another new feature I mentioned in my previous blog post: easily add Feedburner URL's to Orchard CMS via the RSS Feed Proxy URL Setting.

  • Weekly Podcast 05/13/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • The Orchard Jabber channel is getting quite popular!
    • Status: ASP.NET output cache module disabled, POST redirects in Orchard.OutputCache are now handled and relevant cache entries will be evicted before the page reloads, added missing DLLs to the Azure Media Services module, __r query string parameter is back, and many-many other small changes in the last two weeks.
    • TBM revealed! The ASP.NET blogs website has been migrated to Orchard and is available for preview at http://beta.asp.net. TBM = The Bootstrap Machine (which is the default theme). Currently 723 blogs (tenants) are hosted there, divided into 4 Orchard instances (each has its own SQL Azure DB) on a Large Azure VM with a reverse proxy.
    • Demo by Zoltán: the reverse proxy that controls the cache for DotNest is now capable of evicting corresponding cache entries when some content is updated.
    • Spring Harvest Challenge: a module competition where you can submit a new or an already existing (but updated) module that is compatible with Orchard 1.8. Winners will be announced at Harvest. For more information, technical details, prizes and rules please visit the website of the contest.
    • Demo by Antoine: updates on the responsive Admin theme (based on Bootstrap).
    • Harvest is getting closer and closer!

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  • Orchard Blogs RSS Feeds And Feedburner

    Orchard blogs hasn't had good support for adding Feedburner URLs in replace of its own RSS Feed URLs. In the past I have used my own custom Feedburner Orchard Module and there is probably a module or two on the Orchard Gallery that do the same thing. Using an RSS feed proxy, like Feedburner, is a common practice for blogs, so it's nice to see this feature in new versions of Orchard CMS. Here is a quick Orchard Tutorial showing you the new Feed Proxy Url option when configuring and creating your new blog in Orchard CMS. In my case, I will be adding my RSS Feed Proxy URL for Feedburner: http://feeds.feedburner.com/davehayden

  • Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge Has Begun!

    A module competition named Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge has begun yesterday! The aim of this contest is to give Orchard module developers some more motivation to upgrade their old modules to Orchard 1.8, or create new ones that are compatible with latest version of Orchard. You can find more information on the event's website.

  • Weekly Podcast 04/22/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: added the ability to limit the number of items returned in an RSS-feed, PageSize property added to Blogs (so it can be different from the dashboard setting), IIS OutputCache taking priority over Orchard.OutputCache fixed.
    • Plans for 1.8.1: a lot of improvements in performance and bugfixes to be released.
    • New Orchard websites: http://brandrepublicinsight.com, http://www.mbwestwood.com, http://hubrus.ru, https://www.unitemps.co.uk, http://discoverize.com.
    • Demo by Antoine: a great-looking responsive Admin theme based on Bootstrap spiced with FontAwesome! Will be added to the core as a separate theme project.
    • Triaged several issues, 280 proposed left after.

    Brought to you by: Orchard Hungary

  • Using jQuery Validation Engine With Orchard CMS

    Somewhere on the internet, I'm sure you've encountered some type of form that validates your information dynamically as you enter the data. The really cool ones actually verify the data you're entering against some sort of database, such as available user names or email addresses on a particular service, like Gmail. Have you ever wanted to duplicate this type of behavior in Orchard CMS when your users login or register? This post is a quick tutorial which will walk you through adding this functionality to a module or a theme in Orchard CMS so that you can perform the same kind of "magic".

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