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    Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

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  • Orchard Harvest 2014 - Day 3

    Recap of the third day of Orchard Harvest Seattle.

  • Orchard Harvest 2014 – Day 2

    On the second day of the Orchard Harvest, we had the chance to attend great sessions with awesome speakers.

  • Conference Orchard Harvest 2014 in Redmond–Day 1

    This year, the 3rd conference Orchard Harvest has been organized in Redmond on the Microsoft campus on June 9th-11th.

  • Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge - Results

    On the last (third) day of this year's Orchard Harvest we announced the results of the Orchard community's second module development competition, the Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge. The amount of submissions may be small ("only" 6), though in quality they certainly made up for it. The top 3 places are the following:

  • Live From Seattle - Orchard Harvest Day 3

    This is the third day of Orchard Harvest! The downside is that it's the last day, though it's really great that this is the first Harvest with three days (instead of two). Sébastien is today's keynote speaker sharing his long-term vision regarding Orchard. Sébastien also enumerates the important aspects of Orchard and its community, most of them centered around openness. To make Orchard better, we need to learn from other systems and communities! Click "Read More" to view our detailed report about all the sessions!

  • Live From Seattle - Orchard Harvest Day 2

    The second day of Orchard Harvest is on! Our keynote speaker is Damien Edwards, Senior Program Manager in ASP.NET talking about how to use AngularJS in ASP.NET. He shares a lot of pieces of knowledge on how to build powerful single-page applications with a small amount of code. AngularJS is a client-side MVC framework with a ton of features that allow you to write input-heavy UI with highly reusable code, it's actually quite Orchard-y! Click "Read More" to view our detailed report about all the sessions!

  • Live From Seattle - Orchard Harvest Day 1

    The third Orchard Harvest conference, held in Seattle, just began! Orcharders from all around the world gathered together at the Microsoft campus to share their experiences about their favourite CMS. Click "Read More" to view our detailed report about all the sessions!

  • Weekly Podcast 06/03/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Poll about the necessity of recording the sessions at Harvest: the unanimous answer is yes, they should be recorded, despite the high costs.
    • News about Orchard CMS on CMS Wire (scroll down to "Orchard").
    • Status: some bugfixes in 1.8.x.
    • The new, Orchard-powered ASP.NET blogs are live!
    • Triage: 4 out of 291 issues reviewed.
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