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  • Speed up the Admin Content Listing and Content Search for Orchard CMS

    On some websites that we develop the content types using Orchard CMS get quite big in regards to number of fields.  This slows down the listing as each field requires extra processing to go fetch its content.

  • Weekly Podcast 07/29/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Status: a lot of work has been done in the AuditTrail, Layouts and DateLocalization feature branches. Sébastien was working on performance and usability upgrades for Indexing and Lists.
    • It's now possible to define different indexing settings for the Dashboard and front-end search! There's also a new setting to select what versions of the items should be included in the indices.
    • A new property called "Listable" has been added to ContentTypeSettings, which defines whether the items of that type can be listed on the Contents page or not. Before that only the items of "Creatable" types could be listed, now those two are separated. ".Listable()" extension method has been added too for applying it to content types using data migrations. After upgrading your source, all "Creatable" types will be automatically set to "Listable" as well.
    • Demo by Zoltán - TryOrchard: 5 test tenants have been set up on DotNest purely for testing and trying out Orchard. They are reinstalled every hour, so you can just play with Orchard without any registration or setup. There's also a walk-through for newcomers that displays tips about how to use the basic funtions.
    • Some videos from this year's Orchard Harvest in Redmond has just been uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Orchard, and the rest of them are coming very soon!
    • Before the next weekly meeting there will be a special meeting to triage bugs and review the currently active pull requests: join us on Thursday (31st of July) at the same time (12PM PST) and place and see the dedicated topic for more information and updates!
  • Pull Request And Bug Triage Meeting Coming Up!

    We'll have a special meeting on Thursday (31st of July) at 12PM PST in the same meeting room to do a bug triage and pull request review marathon! Join us for more Orchard and see the forums for more information and updates!

  • Weekly Podcast 07/22/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • There have been some upgrades/changes on the feature branches and in 1.x/1.8.x as well, e.g. Sipke added Admin search filter, TinyMCE updated to 4.1.2, MarkDown is also updated to latest version.
    • Thanks to Nick, the OWIN feature branch is ready for testing!
    • Zoltán reviewed all the pending pull requests, so to come to conclusion regarding those, a separate meeting dedicated to bug triage and pull request reviews is scheduled, visit the forums for more information.
    • Bertrand's demo: Bertrand fixed an issue with Projections - if you want to filter on a field that was newly added to a content type, your projections using that content type will not return any results, because the field that was added is undefined on the already existing content items.
    • Sipke managed to get a "melt down" version of Orchard running to be able make performance measurements. Project meltdown is about merging selected modules together into one project. See the conversation about it in the issue tracker.
    • Discussion about the translations on Crowdin: should the Gallery modules be moved to a different Crowdin project? The conclusion is that yes, they should be so they don't interfere with the translations of the source distribution, since most of the Gallery module translations are outdated and much less frequently used.
  • Weekly Podcast 07/15/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • We only had a short meeting due to Sébastien not being present.
    • Demo by Benedek: Musqle.com, a website with a lot of features built for bodybuilders by Softival. Lombiq built a Training Manager module for Musqle, which allows administrators (and users) to create training plans, then users can browse, copy and customize them. Plans can be used to log your trainings in the Training Diary and it's also possible to see your training progression in the Training Statistics Widget that can display graphs in various ways.
    • Nick updated the Owin branch with the latest assemblies and fixed the related unit tests. Owin should be working fine, so it's ready for testing! See Nick's blog for more info.
    • Discussion about changing the workflow of how pull requests are managed with the aim of processing them faster.
  • Orchard 1.8.1 released and performing Orchard website upgrades

    Orchard 1.8.1 was released last week and includes a lot of bug fixes for Orchard 1.8. Unless my clients were experiencing Orchard performance issues or needed a new feature in Orchard 1.8, I recommended they skip Orchard CMS 1.8 and wait for the first maintenenace release 1.8.1 before upgrading their Orchard Website.

  • Weekly Podcast 07/08/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Not much happened since last week, so there isn't much new stuff in the source (except for the feature branches).
    • Philip has a performance problem with Orchard 1.8.1: it's too fast. :)
    • Demo by Sipke: we finally saw the previously mentioned Audit Trail module in action, it's full of awesome features!
    • Demo by Sipke: we also saw the Layouts module in action, that is inspired by the Dynamic Forms module (by Cybage Software) and the Dynamic Layouts module (by Onestop).
    • New sections added to the demo website of the new Orchard community theme, more updates will follow.
  • Weekly Podcast 07/01/2014

    Meeting notes:

    • Sébastien is enjoying his holiday, but still has some news!
    • Antoine is now an MVP of ASP.NET!
    • Orchard 1.8.1 has been released!
    • There's a lot of work done lately in the feature branches for the Content Deployment, Audit Trail and Dynamic Layouts modules.
    • Zoltán's demo of a new feature of Combinator: sharing static resources between tenants in a multi-tenant environment. The typical use-case is that the static resources in the Dashboard are usually the same across tenants, so it makes sense to generate it once and then share it through the Default tenant's Media folder.
    • Shaun's demo of the "The Theme Machine Designer": a theme that displays the structure of themes on the front end (including a theme picker) that let's you discover how the Layout is build up. Great tool for theme authors to learn the ins and outs of theme development.
    • Bug triage: reviewed 15 issues (from the end of last year).
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