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  • Weekly Podcast 05/26/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Status: bugfixes and discussion about recent changes.
    • 18:11 - Demo by Sipke: Dashboard Layout changes and simplifications.
    • 26:14 - Demo by Zoltán: Taxonomy (and Container-Containable) improvements for Localization support developed by Lombiq for EETT (Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission). Localized content items in a Container-Containable structure will not be orphaned, instead the correct content structure will be built up for other cultures too.
    • 47:00 - Short discussion about CodePlex.
    • 48:44 - Harvest updates! Sergio is working on the preparations for Harvest to be held in Alicante (East coast of Spain).
  • Weekly Podcast 05/19/2015

    Meeting notes:

    • 00:00 - Gitter chat is now available.
    • 05:23 - A CSRF vulnerability was found and fixed for all major versions. See the documentation for information and links to download the patch (source and binaries).
    • 14:28 - Recap of the last meeting.
    • 14:53 - Agenda.
    • 22:58 - Demo by Jasmin: AutoroutePart configuration is enhanced (if Localizations is enabled and you have more than one cultures added to the site) in a way that you can define different URL patterns for each culture in a tabbed editor.
    • 34:46 - Demo by Jasmin: Bootstrap-based Admin theme.
    • 43:27 - Documentation status.
    • 47:45 - Brochard status.
    • Weekly Podcast 05/12/2015

      Meeting notes:

      • 00:00 - Status. Contributions with new features should be in the dev branch, but if they aren't breaking anything for sure they can go to 1.9.x. Bugfixes should go to 1.9.x. Recurring releases of minor versions from 1.9.x will be release every 1-2 month with bugfixes, without breaking changes and necessary manual migration (automatic migrations may be included). Major versions from the dev branch will be released every 6 month and these don't depend on the feature branches in development.
      • 31:04 - Demo by Sipke: Dashboard settings and content type.
      • 44:47 - Brochard news by Nick: the first PR was submitted!
      • 46:37 - Demo by Bertrand: Deployment!
      • Case Study: Creating A Website On DotNest With Heavily Customized Content

        Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one: in this blogpost we're going to demonstrate the process of customizing the content structure of an actual website running on DotNest, currently having ~30 regular users. Seriously, grab some popcorn, you'll need it. Wall of text incoming.

      • Weekly Podcast 05/05/2015

        Meeting notes:

        • 00:00 - Recap of the last meeting.
        • 01:34 - GitHub status: releases and bugs. Pre-releases are available to discover major issues, final release will be this week if there's nothing blocker
        • 14:00 - Status.
        • 37:14 - Discussing and updating the development roadmap.
      • The Orchard Way

        A metaphor of the single responsibility principle, where we get to know Greg's and Elon's way of building cars.

      • Making your Driver Display Methods Perform Better

        Orchard is blazingly fast out of the box. I mean, I started at v0.9 and it was well, pretty crappy. But now? It is an absolute beast. However, it is all too easy to completely screw up the performance. Take Drivers for example.

      • Exporting and Importing a Content Item Relation in Orchard CMS

        Orchard offers the concept of a content item identity. In short it is just a combination of unique identifiers such as a randomly generated guid, or a pages alias. So we want to export this identity instead of the Id value stored in the database and convert the identity into an Id during the import.

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